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    #444372012-12-11 13:56:37animeultima said:

    I was going clicking around youtube and I found that I'm subscribed to people with 1 000 000 or more subscribers and I wanted to find some good upcoming YouTuber. If you know any put a link to there video or something THANKS

  2. #444392012-12-11 15:21:33Deftones said:

    Heyo, when making or using a tag, be sure that it is objective and descriptive.

    Now on topic:

    Game grumps

    I've been watching them since they've started, they pretty much play games and crack jokes. Their youtube usernames are Egoraptor and Jontron. Egoraptor creates animations on his main channel and Jontron has his own game show.

    Daym Drops

    This guy pretty much goes around and reviews fast food, it's pretty funny. Also, this got 2mill views due to schmoyoho making a song out of it.