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  1. Why do people hate dubstep?

    #448042012-12-17 05:44:29 *3ccles said:

    i'm just wondering why do alot of people hate on dubstep its music just the same as metal, pop, rap, country or what ever you listen to? its all music of some sort so why hate?

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  2. #448062012-12-17 06:18:16 *Momimochi said:

    How's that being single-minded? I don't get you. It's just personal taste.

    Just sayin', but I fucking hate dubstep to hell. And I don't consider it music at all. Same with most pop. Don't consider it as music.

    See, that's a thing called opinion; it's not being single-minded.

  3. #448072012-12-17 06:40:313ccles said:

    @Momimochi but what i'm meaning to say is that why do most people only be single minded in there music choices like eg i listen tha large scale of gene's of music i may not like all of them but i still may or may not listen to them where people ar like nup, i'm only listen to one type of music i don't get it why be so plain and clinche, why not be diverse ??

  4. #448132012-12-17 07:12:52Momimochi said:

    Yes, I like Rock and Classical. That's diverse. But your whole paragraph statement was pretty much asking why people don't like dubstep. Actually, I don't even get your post. It's like, a jumble of words.

  5. #448162012-12-17 07:41:393ccles said:

    @Momimochi yeah i just like to have a chat about stuff haha and dubstep isn't that bad yes there is some really horrible stuff i can say that listening to a large scale of it but some of it is allright ?? and i like rap, dub, hardstyle, pop, rock, metal , heavy metal, ummm techno and most things other then opera its a little over the top for me i'll listen to it but hey its not my cup of tea really i just think its stupid to call it pointless noise

  6. #448182012-12-17 07:51:10 *DarkChaplain said:

    Rap and Dubstep count as music now?

    I'm totally supporting @Momimochi here.

    And for the record:

    I don't get bogged down by narrow genre definitions, and have an extremely diverse taste. It might lean towards soundtracks of a crapload of games, which is diverse as fuck in and of itself, but I'm also enjoying all that anime junk and tons of old stuff. Oh, and Jazz.

    What I mean to say is... fuck you, pal. Dubstep and Rap still suck donkey balls.

  7. #448212012-12-17 08:02:50Momimochi said:


    You. Learn to use punctuation, spelling, and grammar. I can't even comprehend your first sentence in that post.

    What I mean to say is... fuck you, pal. Dubstep and Rap still suck donkey balls.

    ^ Truth everywhere

  8. #448272012-12-17 08:45:01Kirn said:
    Okay, 3cc, from your profile I can see that you have been posting on this forum for just 3 hours and you already have an image of being a very narrow-minded. You want to define people as single-minded because they don't like the music you like? Well, I feel oh so fucking bad for you. Tighten your ass and deal with people not approving of your preferences and tastes in music, movies, food, vine and sex positions instead of coming here and complaining under some false and misleading topic name.
    This thread should be named "Why people don't like dubstep?" But you wanted to paint people who don't like it as wrong right from the fucking start. Well, it doesn't work that way and you are the one who is fucking single-minded.
  9. #448322012-12-17 08:48:53DarkChaplain said:

    you have been posting on this forum for just 3 hours and you already have an image of being a very narrow-minded

    And a couple of other things listed on another thread. AND HE WANTS TO BE RESPECTED BY SEN!!!

  10. #448332012-12-17 08:50:37Momimochi said:

    Chestnut dear, you have school tomorrow; why you no asleep? And Rap's more poem LOL Dubstep's just a shitload of sounds compressed together.

  11. #448472012-12-17 08:57:36Momimochi said:

    If you refer to screenshot thread, you would see that I'm already doing that to Ucui. I will never fucking live this down typing that. RIP Dignity

    Because I have bio first block. Means sleep.

  12. #448602012-12-17 09:08:03Momimochi said:

    Hey, man. Remember he suffers some mentality disorder? You gotta ease him into the world of complicated grammar and punctuation. Gotta show that boy some pity.

  13. #448662012-12-17 09:12:07momo said:

    Here's a thought:
    Many people define different things as music. I listen to genres such as "noisecore", "gabber", and "moeclick". They aren't nearly as flowing or melodic as the Top100 hits you'll hear, but are still musical compositions and adhere to musical aesthetics that I care for. While I don't care or the drop-fetishization we have today.

    It's kinda silly to bash someone for their taste in music anyways. Even if you disagree, it isn't as if you're made to listen to it.

    Also rap can be great, chill dubstep is pretty nice but is better when combined with another genre, and my noise music is still better than whatever you like.