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  1. Post your CD collection

    #450142012-12-19 04:47:30Deftones said:

    I think there was a thread like this on old cl? Possibly by @someone Anyway, post yo' collection.

    I know my collection isn't too big, but size doesn't always matter ;_;

  2. #450162012-12-19 06:50:23 *momo said:

    This isn't my entire collection, I have an additional 12 albums loaned out, including Of Montreal, Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Two Door Cinema Club, Dark Tranquility, Soilwork, and Children of Bodom.

    Also phone's camera, shitty quality, terribly sorry, etc

  3. #450252012-12-19 08:40:03DarkChaplain said:

    but size doesn't always matter ;_;

    I hope none of your girlfriends said that at some point. Especially not while being teary-eyed! :'D

    Anyway. I just looted my shelf and checked for more retail audio cds. Couldn't find many others, added only a few of them to my shelf selection.

    Way too hard to get physical copies of game soundtracks, especially when you don't want extreme costs due to vendors being insane and shipping idiotic.

  4. #450692012-12-19 16:34:54Flywalker37 said:

    Considering I pirated most of my music, and the rest come from iTunes, I own no CDs. I originally thought of simply posting "What's a CD" here, but I decided that was much too immature. My mother used to own a Walkman.

  5. #450732012-12-19 16:42:43 *DarkChaplain said:

    My mother used to own a Walkman.


    It was amazing. I still have at least 150 audio cassettes. Like those:

    Fuck yeah, Lego AND the Lion King soundtrack (german edition)!

    Didn't expect anything else from you, though.

  6. #624332013-08-11 01:24:36megumi-tan said:
    (Bringing this back to life for a second) So excuse me for mentioning my records and then when requested to post them I just left and skipped off into the sunset like the total fucktard that I am. This picture is total crap, but I actually have a camera now and when I get it working I will edit this post and replace it. here are a few of my favs.

    (listed left to right, a row at a time cause image is so shitty it isnt funny)

    Meet the beatles (their first album)

    The beatles, A hard day's night

    Rod stewart- Foolish behaviour

    Boston- Dont look back

    Kc and the sunshine band

    Peter paul and mary

    Peter paul and mary- In the wind

    peter paul and mary (yeah I like them)- moving

    daryl john and hall oates- H20

    starburst- 2 records of mixed artist such as- andy gibb, bonnie tyler, james taylor etc.

    grease- original soundtrack

    another grease soundtrack

    The eagles- Hotel California

    Elvis- G.I blues

    The ceyleib people- Tanyet

    All of these are first edition or "first press" records, except the last one.
  7. #627942013-08-20 01:03:15awkwardangels said:

    I have a really small collection and 100% of it is Daft Punk.

    I plan on getting the rest of Daft Punk's albums, and Marina & the Diamonds 2 albums sometime in the future.

  8. #783112014-06-19 05:56:56 *Penthus said:

    I was cleaning up my shelf and thought, "Hey, why not?" Re-posting because I gave away some albums and got some new ones. The pictures are pretty bad and some albums are out of order, but whatevs.