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  1. Who has the Playstation 3 console game Borderlands 2?

    #451242012-12-19 23:41:36 *3ccles said:

    Sorry for the not so descriptive thread before, I thought was pretty straight forward, anyway I have a level 34 Siren on Borderlands 2. Add me on Psn if you are interested in some co-op matches, the last thread was locked.

    Psn ~ Xeccles1997X

    Borderlands 2 is a Fps "Shoot and loot" style game where you play as a new lot of vault hunters, After Borderlands (1) eridium all over Pandora grows in large amounts, This turns the planet of Pandora from a dusty wasteland to a goldmine it brings new trouble and word of a bigger and more powerful vault. The Hyperion corperation comes to pandora in seek of the vaults power, and you must stop the vault from being opened to save Pandora from Hansome Jack the president of the Hyperion Coorperation and what is inside the Vault

    You can buy it from most stores that sell Ps3 Gaming consoles for about $60-80

  2. #451262012-12-19 23:42:42 *DarkChaplain said:

    You didn't get the point, it seems.
    Let me explain:

    You did not give ANY kind of description about the game, neither on the old nor on this new thread.
    You do not even provide Thread Tags, a link for further information, a header image or video or anything informative apart from the fact that you own and play the game which apparently was released for the Playstation 3.

    What is this boarrderrlands 2 all about? What gameplay mechanics does it use? Where can one get it? How much does it cost?

    Edit: You... actually deleted the other thread and reposted it again, but this time with tags? Wow... There's a thing called editing a post, you know?

  3. #451272012-12-19 23:48:37 *Ashkachan said:

    @3ccles Um, dude, that thread was locked because no effort was put into it, like I said. Your just repeating what you said earlier...


  4. #451362012-12-20 00:17:58DarkChaplain said:

    So instead of, like, checking the rules, faq or other threads you make multiple bad ones, get them locked and receive a lot of criticism all around yet try to play the "I'm new, I don't know any better"-card? Kid, that ain't workin'. Not anymore, at least not for you.

    You hopefully also realize that I was not referring to information on a god-damned Playstation, but the GAME you ask people about. Improved reading comprehension sure wouldn't hurt!

  5. #451402012-12-20 00:24:223ccles said:

    @DarkChaplain okay i've read the faq and rules and stuff i'm still trying to get it and i've fixed the description so its fine now? and i try to make it as simple and easy to read i'm sorry if its still not making any sense

  6. #451412012-12-20 00:26:003ccles said:

    and i am new and i don't know anything the whole markdown and BBcode i don't understand haha i guess i'm just stupid it can't be that hard