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  1. K-Pop Boy Bands

    #451462012-12-20 02:29:17Otakugirl16 said:

    Are there any K-Pop boy band fans in Colorless? If so send a comment below and tell everyone about your favorite K-Pop boy band(s) such as SHINee, 2PM, BEAST, Super Junior, and many others

  2. #451502012-12-20 03:41:40TWDeath said:

    Im a Kpop fan but its more like i just listen to the... i listen super junior, big bang, ss501, beast and 2pm mostly

  3. #576522013-06-05 15:47:56Rui3 said:

    I'm a Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang, G-Dragon, Shinee, and SS501 fan. Well I like listening to them.

  4. #584182013-06-10 07:30:15GoldenChocobo said:

    I don't really listen to a lot of K-POP/Rock, but

    I LOVE BigBang. c: Exo, SHINee, B2st, and SuJu are good, too. ^^)/

    Anyone a fan of CNBlue by any chance? •u•