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Do You Believe in God?

  1. #591652013-06-14 16:33:35DarkChaplain said:

    Thanks for this highly informative and elaborate post on this so highly debated topic. You have truly enrichened our experience on this site with those three simple characters. Gods bless you.

  2. #591772013-06-14 18:02:04hellstorm901 said:
    In my opinion people only continue to claim god does anything because no one likes to thank a Police Officer, Doctor or Firefighter for doing anything these days.

    Seriously though take this example.

    "We've found your lost child"
    "Oh thank God"

    No why not thank the damn people who actually went out to find your child whilst you sat on your backside crying about it. No one likes to thank anyone today so they say thank God instead.

    In my opinion if God does somehow exist then considering everything going on in the world and his apparant lack of care for any of it then he's a bigger arsehole than Makoto from School Days.
  3. #593232013-06-15 23:52:16kurodesu said:

    Nope! But I mean, it's just rude to argue it with people in most cases. Believe what you want, I don't care, man!

  4. #593242013-06-16 00:32:59 *--Jack-- said:


    When you talk about religion with any person, they will have facts, and things that they defend with their dying breath. They defend them so, because they aren't provable but are something that they have faith in. These mentioned things and facts both get merged together in your crowded psyche...So, before I start, I'd like to say that my facts and your facts are no longer the same thing while I talk about religion...whereas I'll believe in what I say before you do, and vice-versa. And all things considered, if you're on this thread your most likely willing to debate and want a fight. Let's be honest.


    I believe that God exists. Why? Because there are things that I do not understand, even with science and simple logic. And when discussing factual proof of God's existence, no matter what science and ideas you can say...the phrase "God Caused that" can be propped up right before it on a time line, can't it? A bit of a scapegoat...but that's not my point. This actually ties into the disclaimer a bit. Nevermind. We, as humans, have ethics that are taught to us by other people. We claim these have a source: God, Allah, YHWH, Gaia. Regardless of whether these beings are real, they affect us. I won't claim this influence as a substitute for actual proof of their existence. We are ourselves. That is redundant, but it serves a purpose. We cannot grasp something that affects us completely with our own minds...we'd have to be a third party, something watching from the sidelines. Sadly, we are NOT watching from the sidelines. We are all humans. Just stupid humans. So we cannot and will not EVER be able to fully understand our existence. We are too corrupted, not by evil but by influence: parents, friends, countries of origin, cultures, historic events, our personal beliefs. We cannot take off all the filters...we can't see everything.

    Religion is the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

    Religion is pure, it teaches ethics, morals, loyalty, and the basic good.

    But people aren't pure, and who can't be a 3rd party again?

    People. People are in the system they say they can observe and judge with. Human nature is the reason why every Government slowly dissolves into an Aristocracy, why everyone can't take their fair share, and ruin a simple system, why some Christians are willing to kill in the name of not-killing, why nuns in the vatican hid their children of wedlock between them and their priests, and hoped the bodies would not be discovered...but were, why the British felt that they had the right to expand around the world, conquering all who defied them, why America felt they had the God-given right to expand from the east coast all the way through the bloody Spanish-American war in order to get the rest of the USA continent, why you feel that what I said is horrid, misplaced, and wrong, and why you want tell me....proudly...that I am wrong.

    So, whether God is real or not, the problem is the thing the system was made for: Us.

  5. #593582013-06-16 09:46:49Nekoo said:

    @DarkChaplain um, hello, the threads called "Do you believe in god?" and the first post is "well, do you?" nowhere does it say we have to start arguing and backing up our side of the question. my answer is exactly what the name of the thread thread is asking for =P

    but for arguments sake, i believe in god cause thats how i was raised, and i like the idea of having someone to look to in tough situations where no "physical" person would be able to help me

  6. #593702013-06-16 13:50:32Violily said:

    No. I do not believe in God. Not that it matters anyway - life can be lived quite aptly without God or religion.

    There are too many issues regarding the existence of God.

    Those who base the existence of God on the basis of miracles are narrow-minded, given the lack of miracles elsewhere. For instance, a kid who was blind, prays to God in a church and is suddenly not blind. The thousands elsewhere dying an agonizing death from a terminal illness are left to suffer.

    Really, the strongest basis theists have for the existence of God is - quite amusingly - lack of information. Yes, we don't know where the existence of everything came from - we admit that. We are, however, working on it.

    But really, don't you think it's absurd to try to logic to back up the existence of God - one of the most illogical existences ever? If you're using the cosmological argument to back up your belief in the existence of God (cosmological argument being that everything has a cause and an effect - so theists would think God caused the universe to come into effect, then the universe caused the existence of something else - think of dominoes being pushed) then God would have a creator also. You can't just stop everything at God. That's (sound childish) cheating and illogical. You either use your logic all the way or don't use it at all.

  7. #596252013-06-18 21:55:48 *Alex_ said:

    I actually never believed in him to begin with, strange, growing up in a house where religion was never talked about but also, I knew my parents were really religious even though they never showed it to us. They wanted to leave it to My sister and I to choose to believe in something or not, be it God or flying spaghetti monster from space. So I never really had problems with being a non-believer, other than extremely religious people looking at me like a retard from time to time because I would not agree with their allmighty bible!

  8. #596882013-06-20 09:52:12coobar1912 said:

    One of the most basic religious answers can be proven right away. According to Cogito ergo sum and of how the question itself is the answer, then there can be only one possible answer. Yes He does, 100% guaranteed. And the proof of which is simply in the description one may have of WHAT God is supposed to be. Here are some very typical answers people give for God that proves his existence, no matter how different their image of Him may be.

    A typical believer’s answer: God is the creator of everything in existence. In that case He exists because we are part of existence and if we were created, then God would be the only reason why we exist right now.

    A typical atheist’s answer: God is a lie people invented to feel better and for the priests to control those who need to believe in something superior to themselves. In that case He exists as a lie. If this lie did not exist, then we would never have religions and believers, and priests in the first place.

    A typical kid’s answer: God is someone who looks after people, sends the good ones to Paradise and the bad ones to Hell. In that case He exists because if He didn’t, nobody would be rewarded or punished for his actions.

    A typical jester’s answer: God is an invisible pink unicorn or a flying spaghetti monster. In that case He exists and is exactly what you said.

    A typical agnostic’s answer: I don’t know, I can’t know, and I don’t care to find out. In that case the answer means nothing to you and the question would never be made in the first place.

  9. #596952013-06-20 11:41:21Kirn said:

    In that case He exists as a lie.

    That stopped me. It would be the same thing to say that 'the is no elephant in your bathroom, so the elephant exists there as the lack of his existence'. Total crap. Oh, and your 'A typical atheist’s answer' is not even what goes for a typical answer these days.

  10. #597712013-06-22 06:24:32coobar1912 said:


    Really? Then what does a typical atheist say nowadays? I don't disagree with you completely, I'm just interested to hear your reasoning.

  11. #597732013-06-22 07:11:30DarkChaplain said:

    Can't we just let this die already? I fear that katgrr will return to talk more bogus at this rate....

    Also, this up there is bullshit.
    Just because a CONCEPT exists and is being discussed, does not mean that the CONCEPT is based in reality or that the existence of the THING can be proven.

    Just because I have a concept, an idea that would solve all the world's problems, wipe the USA off the face of the planet and thus lead us to world peace, doesn't mean that it is a reality, would work, or is more than a pipedream.
    Just because you THINK you have 100 bucks in your wallet, that does not miraculously put a bit of cash into your pocket. So while your wish for it exists, it is only that, a wish.

  12. #597772013-06-22 08:08:40Kirn said:

    The typical atheist answer goes like this: gods were invented to explain forces of nature and other things humans could not explain at the time. And then religion was invented by people who wanted to control population through some incentives like good life after death.

    Now, that one was a basis, but I do like to go further than that when talking about gods. And I do mean 'gods'. Do you realize we have hundreds of bastards? Ranging from single forgotten gods to whole pantheons of them? Gods of different sizes and power. Gods are an idea. Religion, however, is an old marketing lie. Actually, you can clearly see religions who want to get something from you by how competitive they are. And major religions we got left these days are as competitive as they come. You can't even look at other gods. You can't acknowledge them as gods even. But they weren't first. Roman and Greek gods had major temples and those temples got a lot of money and offerings, to those religions held to their believers pretty tightly. Egyptians combined government and religion, and you can imagine that it not believing was not tolerated. There was also a funny story about that, but I am too lazy to tell it now. India always had complicated religion, but at a time a caste of holy people held all the power there. People are using the idea of god to lie and get more power and money. And all of you lower people in the marketing chain are required to believe without question, you are the ones who give money, you are the mindless foundation of the pyramid, you are also ones who struggle the hardest against the truth, facts and reason. But hey, at least your god is surely with you.

  13. #597782013-06-22 08:49:37johan_5179 said:

    You know, Feuerbach (German dude) said that gods were invented to embody the virtues which people wanted to see in themselves. He was referring to Greek gods for example. He also said something like worshipping such gods is an expression of our sympathy to these virtues and our expectation to see these in other people around us. This need for propagation resulted in the institution of rituals which were then collated to form religions. Of course, this explanation totally ignores the gods of fire and thunder and such. But then again, this explanation never caught on. It just exists as something interesting to throw around in a god thread which has gone on for too long .

  14. #598912013-06-24 08:09:27Kirn said:

    @johan_5179 well, it is an interesting theory... totally not true - especially today when the gods we have are all so very mysterious and incomprehensive. Still, many gods had very human qualities. And, again, Egyptians, for example, had humans who had godly qualities - pharaohs were literally gods there at some point. And trust me, worshiping human god who was actually there, sympathy was not involved cause he was the one telling the slaves to build all the pyramids. An on the other hand there was my favorite bunch of gods - Norse gods. The ones vikings worshiped. If you haven't red Norse mythology, I really recommend it, cause there you will find gods that are probably most faulty and emotional and sometimes extremely stupid. In my opinion those gods, while being gods of thunder and all that, are very much like humans.

  15. #598922013-06-24 08:34:44 *Ecstasy said:

    Well, pharaon was a dictator and had a cult. But Egyptian culture was extremely successful even though people were most likely opressed. Same with, say, USSR and Stalin, or Germany and Hitler. The progress was huge as well as the impact on the world. Because people had the same idea and wasn't allowed to have any others and everyone were moving into the same direction.

    And by the way - Norse mythology is much more fun to read than Bible. Much more action and characters are just pure love.