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Do You Believe in God?

  1. #596952013-06-20 11:41:21Kirn said:

    In that case He exists as a lie.

    That stopped me. It would be the same thing to say that 'the is no elephant in your bathroom, so the elephant exists there as the lack of his existence'. Total crap. Oh, and your 'A typical atheist’s answer' is not even what goes for a typical answer these days.

  2. #597712013-06-22 06:24:32coobar1912 said:


    Really? Then what does a typical atheist say nowadays? I don't disagree with you completely, I'm just interested to hear your reasoning.

  3. #597732013-06-22 07:11:30DarkChaplain said:

    Can't we just let this die already? I fear that katgrr will return to talk more bogus at this rate....

    Also, this up there is bullshit.
    Just because a CONCEPT exists and is being discussed, does not mean that the CONCEPT is based in reality or that the existence of the THING can be proven.

    Just because I have a concept, an idea that would solve all the world's problems, wipe the USA off the face of the planet and thus lead us to world peace, doesn't mean that it is a reality, would work, or is more than a pipedream.
    Just because you THINK you have 100 bucks in your wallet, that does not miraculously put a bit of cash into your pocket. So while your wish for it exists, it is only that, a wish.

  4. #597772013-06-22 08:08:40Kirn said:

    The typical atheist answer goes like this: gods were invented to explain forces of nature and other things humans could not explain at the time. And then religion was invented by people who wanted to control population through some incentives like good life after death.

    Now, that one was a basis, but I do like to go further than that when talking about gods. And I do mean 'gods'. Do you realize we have hundreds of bastards? Ranging from single forgotten gods to whole pantheons of them? Gods of different sizes and power. Gods are an idea. Religion, however, is an old marketing lie. Actually, you can clearly see religions who want to get something from you by how competitive they are. And major religions we got left these days are as competitive as they come. You can't even look at other gods. You can't acknowledge them as gods even. But they weren't first. Roman and Greek gods had major temples and those temples got a lot of money and offerings, to those religions held to their believers pretty tightly. Egyptians combined government and religion, and you can imagine that it not believing was not tolerated. There was also a funny story about that, but I am too lazy to tell it now. India always had complicated religion, but at a time a caste of holy people held all the power there. People are using the idea of god to lie and get more power and money. And all of you lower people in the marketing chain are required to believe without question, you are the ones who give money, you are the mindless foundation of the pyramid, you are also ones who struggle the hardest against the truth, facts and reason. But hey, at least your god is surely with you.

  5. #597782013-06-22 08:49:37johan_5179 said:

    You know, Feuerbach (German dude) said that gods were invented to embody the virtues which people wanted to see in themselves. He was referring to Greek gods for example. He also said something like worshipping such gods is an expression of our sympathy to these virtues and our expectation to see these in other people around us. This need for propagation resulted in the institution of rituals which were then collated to form religions. Of course, this explanation totally ignores the gods of fire and thunder and such. But then again, this explanation never caught on. It just exists as something interesting to throw around in a god thread which has gone on for too long .

  6. #598912013-06-24 08:09:27Kirn said:

    @johan_5179 well, it is an interesting theory... totally not true - especially today when the gods we have are all so very mysterious and incomprehensive. Still, many gods had very human qualities. And, again, Egyptians, for example, had humans who had godly qualities - pharaohs were literally gods there at some point. And trust me, worshiping human god who was actually there, sympathy was not involved cause he was the one telling the slaves to build all the pyramids. An on the other hand there was my favorite bunch of gods - Norse gods. The ones vikings worshiped. If you haven't red Norse mythology, I really recommend it, cause there you will find gods that are probably most faulty and emotional and sometimes extremely stupid. In my opinion those gods, while being gods of thunder and all that, are very much like humans.

  7. #598922013-06-24 08:34:44 *Ecstasy said:

    Well, pharaon was a dictator and had a cult. But Egyptian culture was extremely successful even though people were most likely opressed. Same with, say, USSR and Stalin, or Germany and Hitler. The progress was huge as well as the impact on the world. Because people had the same idea and wasn't allowed to have any others and everyone were moving into the same direction.

    And by the way - Norse mythology is much more fun to read than Bible. Much more action and characters are just pure love.

  8. #598932013-06-24 10:26:49 *Ecstasy said:

    Also just to explain how religion affects society there is just the thing going on in Russia (country being rather religious) right now. We have 2 new laws:

    • First one being "a law imposing heavy fines for providing information about homosexuality to people under 18."
    • And second one - jail time for insulting religion.

    The retardedness of both laws is another talk, but what's intresting here is that there is a sad statistics by which 80% of people are supporting the first law. And the second law has about the same number plus these people claim to be religious. Which makes it at least 60% (most likely more of course but we cannot say for sure) who are supporting both laws and thinking that they can basically dictate the rest 40% how to live or, in other words, violate the rights of atheists and gay people because they don't share their views. And it's intolerance which shouldn't be supported by any God.

    To explain more on the second law - I could surely have been punished by it because of some of my statements in this thread since they offend religion.

    I could surely have been punished by the second law too, but this is irrelevant.

    A couple of related articles:
    BBC - Russian Duma passes law banning 'gay propaganda'
    Russia criminalizes blasphemy: jail time for insulting religion

  9. #605142013-07-07 20:08:37 *PigBoss said:

    Some commentary

    O.k. I had my fun.

    This thread was created with a simple question "Do You Believe in God?" This was purposefully done to elicit a simple response (yes/no). From then on, the OP was responsible for questioning the respondents' way of thinking/life on God (notice I did not mention religion).

    The simple question was designed to, for lack of better words, baiting the respondents with a simple question, hooking them in with personal interrogation, and then reeling them by asking more questions or evoking some strong emotional response.

    Sometimes, this makes the emotionally focused person respond with interesting answers, but it might do the opposite and in the heat of the moment, create an embarrassing scenario. I took the gamble and "trolled" people into anger/heightened emotions to evoke something. The product was either discussion or some hilarious nonsense fueled by chronic proctitis. Either way, nothing of value was lost.

    For those of you that do not get why I started the thread with a list of specific questions is because for a number of reasons, including but not limited to

    • the thread would get less people to discuss about the topic
    • the list would restrict what would be discussed
    • discussing topics outside the list would create conflict
    • OP isn't nearly as responsible for the thread's direction; open to more shitposting
    • the thread would turn into a superficial impersonal survey, not a one to one discussion
    • if the respondents aren't interested, the thread would quickly die

    Thoughts regarding the partition of the thread when OP's direction was absent

    I was surprised how active this thread was after its initial death, but I wasn't eager to reply and question what new posters thought. I was quite done with the topic, but I was curious with how the thread will go on without the direction OP has.

    The result: as expected, there were some shitposting, ironic shitposting which is just shitposting, and actual discussions/arguments fueled by a combination of (hostile) intellect/ignorance.

    For those that (ironically) shitposted, I wasn't disappointed much since I didn't expect much out of you anyway. Expunging the comments would require effort, and I do not spend any for shit posters. Leaving the comments on the thread reflects your unpleasant personality. I hope you guys take your bullshit baloney-like babble somewhere else. Your asinine drivel is honestly a waste of space.

    For those that have genuinely contributed their thoughts and opinions and occasionally facts, I thank you. Never change. :D

    I want to clarify that I very much appreciate your opinions, even if it differs from what I am thinking. Discussing a topic with a group of people opens up my mind to ideas and other plausible possibilities.


    From what I have observed, the frequency of shitposting occurs when OP does not hold the rein of his/her own thread. However, letting the users converse with each other without the OP's guidance has yielded some interesting comments. Finding the right balance requires more testing.

    The defining essence of this thread was its impromptu-like nature. If the OP and the respondents are interested enough, the absence of direction and structure promptly becomes incipient. The intensity and duration of the thread is up to the OP's discretion.

    Alas, I have decided that this thread should not be kept alive any longer. I will lock this thread. So long, and thanks for all the fish.