"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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  1. All Gold Everything, The Song of the Decade

    #459592013-01-02 02:38:40 *Zefferno said:

    This is truly one of the greatest songs in a long time, and Trinidad James was able to instill a great deal of morals and meaning in this song. He talks about his success on leading a rich and powerful life, following the set of rules he's laid out in this song. He refers back to jewelry as a sign of what everyone is capable of achieving if they follow the rules he's made throughout his life.

    • Don't discriminate between dark skin, light skin, asian, or white women.
    • Don't buy shoes unless they're popular.
    • Don't mess with snitches.

    Always remember: gold in your chain, ring, and watch. If they don't believe you, tell them just watch.

  2. #459732013-01-02 08:58:11Maryam said:


    Truly inspirational. He is just my idol. There isn't anything you can't learn from this very influential man.