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  1. Brain fart

    #460122013-01-02 16:03:50eterno said:

    You know those occasions when you just have stuff coming out of nowhere? Do you recall embarassing occasions when it happens at the most inconvenient time?

    Once I was doing a speech in front of the class but for some reason, at that moment I decided to do a fake fall that has nothing to do with the topic at all. For some reason I worked really well despite the bad timing and I got an applause afterwards.

    Little by little though, it became a small bit of many of my public speaking and I started to work on it a bit though not as serious. It finally became a joke eventually and I stopped doing it out of embarassment.

    Basically it was a brain fart that went a bit too well but in the end it returned to what it always had been lol

  2. #477962013-02-02 23:23:58Ima-Chan said:

    When you forget what you're about to say, then everyone states at you to finish your sentence... Then you say something ridiculous and everyone laughs.