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  1. Obligatory badges complaint thread

    #461512013-01-05 13:10:58 *Kirn said:
    [Sat, 05 Jan 2013 12:57:22 GMT] Deftones: Kirn, I'll give you rabu if you waant
    [Sat, 05 Jan 2013 12:57:25 GMT] Deftones: I know you want some
    [Sat, 05 Jan 2013 12:57:32 GMT] Kirn: I will fuck you up publicly if you do
    [Sat, 05 Jan 2013 12:57:37 GMT] Deftones: Okay, rabu for you

    So, after that he went and put the fucking badge on me fucking profile, which obliges me to write this fucking thread even if I had no intention to fuck anyone today. Well, fuck.

    Since I am at it, I will address 2 badge-related issues here.

    First of all. @Deftones as a cunt, and he should burn in hell for giving me the crappy rabu badge - the badge that was one of those that buggered the whole badges idea way back when most of you didn't even know about the fucking site. I would have tolerated god badge or maybe an ex-mod badge, but not the fucking rabu. Hence I am formally requesting administration to 1) remove the fucking badge and 2) reprimand @Deftones by calling him a twat on mods skype channel.

    Second of all. Why the fuck mods still got badge-giving powers at all? As I know it, badges are in re-development. And I sincerely hope that they will stay there forever, cause if they would be returned, I would have to re-post all the problems they bring once again. But now they are in re-development, and it's good cause we got no badges. But for some reason mods can still give out the fucking rabu. Why? This ability should have been taken away long time ago. And now we got enough motherfuckers with badges to re-delete them all fucking again. I see no sense and no productivity in this. This should be looked at and corrected. And yes, mods should be fucking reprimanded.

    There. I would have written PM or something, but I said that I would do this publicly, so there you go.

    Also, just to stress this point - @Deftones is a complete bastard and he should be fucking ashamed and apologize.
  2. #461672013-01-05 18:12:02Ashkachan said:

    I don't understand. Didn't we get rid of badges when they were in development?! That seems like the most logical solution.

  3. #461862013-01-06 05:15:32Trev said:


    While you are a man of your word by publicly embarrassing Deftones, and I have to respect a man of his word, you know this isn't the proper way to get something done. I just said that in another thread less than 24 hours ago.

    @Deftones, Kirn doesn't need love to survive. Ever play an RPG game where potions or healing spells kill the zombies? It's kinda like that, mmkay.

    @Ashkachan and everyone else: what happened was a certain rogue moderator started giving like a zillion badges to everyone, and rather than clean it up, the administration just deleted everyone's badges. Unfortunately I was on hiatus at the time, so I didn't really have a say in how it was handled.

    Now, my personal view: badges are just meaningless tokens of Internet appreciation. More important things are broken or poorly implemented on the site right now, so save your whining. It's really, really low on my priority list to fix.

  4. #461882013-01-06 06:18:12DarkChaplain said:

    I really like the RPG metaphor. Giving @Kirn Rabu really is comparable to Phoenix Down'ing a Zombie.

    Just a question regarding new badges being given out since the purge: Was there ever some decision made regarding the badge features being used again by the staff? I mean, I've seen a certain puppy handing out badges like crazy, even to former members of the administration (who were actually seen begging for them and more meaningful badges).

    Was there ever a ruling against badges being handed out until there was a better system in place, or was the whole topic just dropped after the purge while you were absent?

    As for the badges themselves, screw them. I think I've stated my opinion on that other thread some time ago already :V

  5. #461892013-01-06 07:43:34Trev said:

    @DarkChaplain I don't think there was ever a rule made. Badges are already being given out. I suppose I could wipe them again and lock the feature while awaiting referendum, but at this point I don't feel like it's possible to please everybody regarding them

    For what it's worth, I don't really have an opinion on the matter. I don't care. I don't even look at your badges anyway.

  6. #462022013-01-06 12:38:03deng said:

    I say keep the badges. It's all about cookies in the internet anyways. When they first came, people woulda done anything to get one. However, back then anyone could annoy Kirn by giving him Rabu <3 xD

  7. #462722013-01-07 06:32:112-guard said:

    well, if we are getting badges back i demand my fucking handcuffs; that shit was an actual challenge to earn and it made me feel great for actually earning a badge; and not badgering a mod "gimme da rabu!! gimme da rabu!!"

  8. #462752013-01-07 06:57:05Lumiex said:



    [I could give less of a fuck if this shit was irrelevant to the rest of the thread. I'll just box all the butthurt up and SHIP IT FOR FREE NIGGA :3]