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  1. Gérard Depardieu goes Russian

    #462842013-01-07 14:47:08 *Ecstasy said:

    Last week, Gérard Depardieu flew to Sochi in Russia where he was greeted by Vladimir Putin. Depardieu has joined a select band of people claiming Russian citizenship – in his case, because he didn't want to pay the 75% rate of tax imposed by François Hollande on millionaires.


    If you don't know who the guy is maybe this will help


    I think it can make Russia go popular and all that. We might even produce a couple of good movies for a change!

    See also Brigitte Bardot threatens to follow Gérard Depardieu's Russian move.

  2. #462862013-01-07 15:02:42Rune said:

    You can be a Russian citizen that easily? No need for 1000 years of residency or something like that?

  3. #462882013-01-07 15:07:47 *Ecstasy said:

    @Rune he is a famous actor and a millionaire. I think this made his way much easier.

    If you are really intrested - it requers a number of documents.

    The first and the most important thing any foreigner intending to apply for the Russian citizenship should know is that he/she will have to renounce citizenship of any other country he/she may be a citizen of.
    The second important thing about acquiring Russian Citizenship is that a foreigner must first obtain Temporary Residence Permit and Residence Permit in the Russian Federation. Exception from this rule is made for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic. Citizens from these countries have the right of acquiring Russian Citizenship without obtaining Temporary Residence Permit and Residence Permit first.

    The President also has the right to grant a person citizentship. This was mostly used to provide political refuge or something.

    Putin offers Gérard Depardieu Russian citizenship

  4. #462942013-01-07 18:11:32 *Kiboune said:

    I used to like this actor and now... He should have stayed in his own country. BTW now the French government wants to give citizenship to Pussy Riot /faceplam/

  5. #462962013-01-07 18:13:33Deftones said:

    Brigitte Bardot is a god damn drama queen. Using words like "cowardly and impudent" and saying that the country is nothing more than a animal cemetery. Those Elephants tested positive to tuberculosis, so yeah, it is understandable to put them down (Though they'd have to defeat Tony Jaa afterwards :V).

    And Gérard Depardieu, he is a millionaire, who gives a fuck if he gets taxed high.

  6. #462972013-01-07 18:14:13Rune said:

    I think it can make Russia go popular and all that. We might even produce a couple of good movies for a change!

    Russian movies are GOOD by the way. Stay classy :p

    By the way, does this means that he requires a visa to visit France now?

  7. #462992013-01-07 18:20:22Kirn said:
    Russian movies WERE good. Actually those were Soviet movies. And those were interesting, funny and deep. These days... well, there are some that are okay, but in comparison with what we had before... Oh well, that's life.
    Also, while I may have positive or negative opinion on what the guy did... in no way it affects his worth as an actor in all those movies he did.
  8. #463002013-01-07 18:36:13Trev said:


    I think this is the most reasonable response. The quality of his work should be judged separately from his character.

  9. #463032013-01-07 18:58:08 *Ecstasy said:

    @Kirn they were naive a bit, this doesn't sell itself anymore. we get what the majority "eats", so yeah. I so much agree with the whole point, though.

    @Rune not sure he won't be blacklisted for this.

  10. #463052013-01-07 19:18:39Ashkachan said:

    Actually... He's smart for leaving France?!! I mean, who doesn't want to get taxed, 75% is a lot to be honest.

    Who cares really? It's his choice and money, let him do whatever. Why're people so angry when it's his money and choice?

  11. #464932013-01-08 08:18:28Ecstasy said:

    @PigBoss I'm not sure you should start with USSR movies. Gaidai movies suggested earlier are classics and contain a lot of russian realities and inside jokes. I'd suggest first giving a try to Night Watch (2004, also has sequels but not important right now). It's one of the few russian movies relatively popular among foreigners. Genre would be fantasy-thriller.
    Can always tell you more about classic USSR movies if you like.

  12. #465102013-01-08 09:28:54DoReMiKaDo said:

    Yo, I'd second @Ecstasy's suggestion of Night Watch. It's a very genuine vampire flick and though it has a sequel literally called Twilight Watch and as aforementioned, a vampire flick, it's one really awesome film yo!

    And USSR movies are great and not really as propaganda-y as you expect! Though I also second the notion of not starting with them as well because of the obvious cultural drift.

    AKA, USSR movies aren't good rep. of current Russia, yo!

  13. #472742013-01-23 11:13:53Rune said:


    And ironically enough he's got enough money to never learn what actual Russia is like, heh.

    I'm not Russian but I think the lives of the people with money couldn't really be compared with the 'actual' lives of the common people.

    As such, he wouldn't know about actual France either given his status. In fact, when it comes down to it, no Parisian would even know what life on the rest of France is like either.

    Since I've been on the both side of the common/rich divide I sorta know that life is totally different when you are rich. And though I hate to admit it, I don't know about the 'actual' lives of the common American anymore though now I have resorted to taking public transportation and eating cheap food due to college. The fact that I have lots of money in the bank sort of make it seems that I'm doing all these things just for show rather than actually living the same lives as the 'actual' people.

    Of course the same could be said if you're poor. A hobo wouldn't know better about the lives of the common people either for example. That's why you see those funny signs...

    So for Depardiau's case, he wouldn't know better either way if he had made a good choice to turn Russian. Besides, he's not even going to live in Russia anyway... At least not until his mansion in Belye Stolby is finished. For now, he's going to be in Belgium whilst paying taxes to Russia basically.

    PS: I think Russia is pretty awesome personally. I've never been there but just looking at Russia's map and history makes me really interested in the country. Also, go figure, the country borders Finland and Japan