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  1. About Debussy

    #467952013-01-12 03:54:53 *Is said:

    Dear Mr. Debussy,

    Why is your music so divine?

    CD 098

    Nocturnes: 1/ Nuages ; 2/ Fêtes ; 3/ Sirènes

  2. #469112013-01-15 06:18:02Rune said:

    Can't stop listening to this song for the past month or so... Dammit, this song is more than just stuck in my head right now!

  3. #644772013-10-11 07:35:21 *DoReMiKaDo said:

    I never thought I could finally sing to Claire de Lune. Connie Talbot did a great job with this and she's like 12. What have I done since when I was 12?

  4. #660932013-11-12 02:00:01mizlily said:

    I had to learn about this guy for music class, though he never really stood out to me among all the composers I had to listen to.