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  1. #469242013-01-15 19:36:23 *Noodle said:

    Worthy twitter quotes:

    ‏@knusslig 15/1 WAS AN INSIDE JOB #saltsjöbaden

    @hugohugolugo she took the midnight train going anywhere #saltsjöbaden

    @TheUppsalaKoala Cleaning lady really went off the rails in Stockholm this morning..... #Saltsjöbaden

    Feel free to derail this topic.


    She must have been a real train wreck to do something like that!


    If my house were hit by a train, I would also feel a bit run down.


  2. #469492013-01-16 20:00:29PureCarnage said:

    Wow. . . . mind tell me how a cleaner lady even got her hands on a train? o_O' oh but anyways I congrats her on the Carnage she done with the derailed train there. it is nice. . .but I could of done better.

  3. #469502013-01-16 21:10:02Noodle said:

    Well, mind you, she is the cleaner lady of the train company (SL), so it's not weird she probably has keys to everything.