It's the wasp's elbows

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I was going to make a joke about...

  1. #602282013-07-02 00:48:08LYT said:

    I was gonna make a joke about Squid's Tentacles but i've been rapped before saying anything.


  2. #602752013-07-02 19:55:36 *Wolfangle said:

    I was gonna raise my fist in the air and use my ability to show my worth against your comment... But apparently that wouldn't make a difference to any faggot reading this. ^Faggot

  3. #603292013-07-03 16:32:55 *DarkChaplain said:

    Where and when did you make that promise? Must've been having a seizure from laughing about Wolfangle at the time, since I can't remember this happening :')

    But I see what you did there - you pussied out 8D