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Colorless Online Gaming Project

  1. #478202013-02-03 06:23:33DarkChaplain said:


    We could try out elder scrolls online when it comes out or try and get in on the beta testing.

    They aren't even sure how they will monetize the game. Expect monthly fees. No, that won't work for us, and is still waaaay too far out. Also considering the Beta Application, I doubt half of our users would get in.


    How about Guild wars2?

    Guild Wars 2 requires purchase of the game itself, and it isn't exactly cheap. In fact, they keep the price high despite dwindling playerbases.

    Remember, the whole issue is that people on CL don't exactly like paying for Games :)

    For something WoW-y with nice touches I'd suggest Lord of the Rings Online, since it pretty much allows you to unlock almost everything in the game by simply playing it.
    TERA should also be Free to Play now, though they split EU and US management.

  2. #478312013-02-03 12:10:16DarkChaplain said:

    PokeMMO seems just like a good idea until you realize that it is still buggy, full of glitches and unimplemented features. Fuck, the lag it comes with makes it more of a pain to play than you'd expect from a pokemon game..

  3. #478332013-02-03 12:45:34Brofessor said:
    Phantasy Star Online 2 seems like a nice option when it becomes available anyway.

    As of this instant, I'd say Aika Online was pretty fun when I played. Though, solo play around level 20 seems a little discouraged. Probably won't be a problem considering the amount of people up to play f2p games right now.

    @Seraph If you're still playing GW2, hit me up.
  4. #478392013-02-03 13:40:12DarkChaplain said:

    There is already a beta for PSO2. But it's all in jap .. i got a few friends helping me install it and what not :)

    Yeah, smartass, of course there is a Jap Beta for a japanese game. Now how many people on here can read japanese well enough to even download the benchmark tool?
    CL has trouble with complex stuff, so a game in a language they can't even understand is pretty much worthless.

  5. #478412013-02-03 13:57:43Kudaran said:

    PSO2 is out of the beta already and a full game is out i have it i was beta testing it, and i just DLed the japanese game and patched it to english.

  6. #478462013-02-03 14:28:17judar said:

    I think that Age of Empires Online would be super fun! The cartoonier and slightly more eccentric version is free to play, I'm sure every one would find it fun 8D! Maybe not to everyone's tastes though ♥ ?

    and yessss TERA is free to play I am so happy about this but my graphics card would splutter and die 8(

  7. #478492013-02-03 14:48:55DarkChaplain said:

    The trouble with AoE Online is that the races themselves are pretty locked behind high ingame-costs / cash, and you can't even use most of the items you earn by playing without a premium civilization. At least that's what I learned when I last played it.
    Still, I liked it, but it isn't exactly something you'd play together as a group, I think.

  8. #478512013-02-03 14:56:30RenPikaaa said:

    There's a forum which gives english instructions on how to install. If i wasn't the only one to find it of course people would make patches and english guides. But it was merely a suggestion.

  9. #478522013-02-03 14:59:39DarkChaplain said:

    Why even bother with english patches and crawling around with severe lag on japanese servers with pings that would make combat a nightmare when there's a proper international launch in the near future?