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  1. Colorless Online Gaming Project

    #477692013-02-02 15:23:16 *DarkChaplain said:

    Hey people, remember when we were playing Spiral Knights together?
    Like, grinded dungeons in small groups, stood around in our Guild Hall, traded items and had, like, fun together, as a small part of the CL community?

    Good times, eh? Or maybe not. Most of you dropped out rather early after all.

    How about we find some Free to Play game that we can play as a group again? No, not something like League of Legends or Dota, those tend to be too competitive or "small" for a bigger group. Aside from that, a bunch of people already play those games regardless.

    I'd like to look out for some MMORPG or somesuch which isn't too taxing so that all your underpowered laptops won't burn down trying to play the game.

    There's a range of Free to Play games available via Steam
    (though not all might be available globally - special thanks to Nexon for region-locking most of their games!) So why don't you go take a look and make some suggestions? Maybe you've got some experience with a couple of those games?

    Or maybe you don't even want to play as a community at all, which wouldn't even surprise me anymore.
    Feedback, plox.

  2. #477712013-02-02 15:32:16DarkChaplain said:

    Personally, while there are plenty good F2P Shooters out there, like Blacklight: Retribution, Tribes: Ascend or Planetside 2, I'm very reluctant to suggest one of these.

    Rather than a shooter, I'd prefer playing something where we are required to actually interact with each other in a way that does not involves a bullet to the head.

  3. #477722013-02-02 15:34:58PureBoredom said:

    Although I may not be able to join, if possible, I will definitely join up! I am currently seeing if I can play an old game, Megaten as it was a game that I particularly enjoyed with friends.

  4. #477732013-02-02 15:35:49Rune said:

    Yes, I also second Megaten because it's fun and stupid. It's nothing complicated too and full of lulz.

  5. #477772013-02-02 16:20:43Kudaran said:

    -Soul of the ultimate nation- -Sevencore- and -Aika online- are some decent games check em out and tell me if u like them. im currently playing aika. And im liking this whole idea of the CL community playing games together would be fun.

  6. #477812013-02-02 16:38:03Deftones said:

    Would be cool. I use to play on one server, built up a castle with a friend and had a farm system to keep us alive. I ran the mines while he'd work on the castle/defence.

  7. #477882013-02-02 19:23:01Zefferno said:

    I've played xbox minecraft with 4-5 friends and it was awesome. Definetely down for computer MC if someone can run the server

  8. #477802013-02-02 16:32:51 *DarkChaplain said:

    Btw, if you'd be willing to spend money on a turn-based game based on a tabletop / boardgame from the late eighties, check this thread. I tried to get people together for an online league, and there's no actual upper limit we could reach regarding the amount of joining players.

    I actually like @Deftones' idea. We could even go as far as to use plugins that'd introduce territory and teams, and enable PvP between those teams only. We could come together on weekends for bigger engagements between the teams, and disable PvP while too few people are online to make it fun.

    However, we'd best rent a proper Minecraft server for that stuff, which shouldn't be too hard or expensive. Still, should be considered.

  9. #477842013-02-02 17:26:14DeathByBiscuit said:

    I'm totally up for the idea and suggest Megaten, seeing as there are already members playing that game. I'm up for whatever game gets chosen as long as my computer can run it and I don't have to buy it. (Low on cash with a shitty laptop)

  10. #477862013-02-02 18:39:38PureCarnage said:

    Well I'm up to the idea if my computer can run it, and if it's free. This Megaten looks interesting but I'm up to all and new ideas and such. Lets see what else we can find.

  11. #478012013-02-03 00:14:23Kudaran said:

    i just checked out elder scrolls online that game looks awesome. but it would be hard for every1 to get the beta key, so any current games that are out would be much better. hope we get this whole CL online gaming thing going, am looking forward to it.

  12. #478032013-02-03 00:31:41Viral said:

    I'm up for playing Megaten or Minecraft would be cool. I really wanna play megaten with someone actually .w.