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Valentine's Day

  1. #485122013-02-16 00:11:57Claire-chan said:

    (Sorry it's late. ;A;...Internet died on Valentine's Day.....)

    Wanted to make you guys a Valentine. Soooooooo~~ Baked some Jelly filled Cupcakes and A heart cake with a strawberry filling.

  2. #699732014-02-12 20:36:56AnimeShifter said:

    Well, I'm spending it alone while last year it was the opposite haha.

    As sad as it may seem- meh. I don't really care anymore. I'm drawing some V-day cards for other people 'tho.

  3. #699752014-02-12 20:49:50Kittycat said:


  4. #699772014-02-12 21:05:44 *NidTheBard said:

    I'll be at a party, I believe. Not because I have a date or girlfriend, but because I was invited to go.

    If I'm not there, I'll probably be at home. Talking on here in chat with some cool people. Like, @PerrySona @Cenica @Dec and @DarkChaplain That's me assuming they'll be on here, anyways.

  5. #699862014-02-12 23:13:23DarkChaplain said:

    my plans for valentine's day consist of listening to a Daemon Primarch getting the name of a Supreme Grand Master carved into his heart.

  6. #699892014-02-13 00:30:45--Jack-- said:

    Instead of just bashing it, I should probably say what I'll be doing on V-day. Most likely waiting for GF to find time to skype (She's helping at her family member's wedding) and proceeding to gnash my teeth at anyone asking to use my computer.

  7. #699952014-02-13 02:21:26Rune said:

    I have no plans for this year's Valentine's Day either. I'm still enjoying the single life but then again, who knows; I might finally talk to that girl I really like. After all, I'm at one of the happiest points of my life now and I just might try something different :D

  8. #700472014-02-14 09:36:57TeruShinozaki said:

    I'm celebrating with my harem of Magi boys that I just got today from a gacha machine in the mall. (I got all of them with only one duplicate! So lucky!)

    Happy valentines to me yo