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  1. Your Recent Book Purchases

    #480432013-02-07 14:13:39 *DarkChaplain said:

    So I thought this might be an interesting topic (though you will most likely think otherwise).

    This thread's purpose is to talk about your recent book purchases (excluding Manga. You hear that? NO MANGA! Though I guess Light Novels count), show pictures of them, present them if you feel like it etc.

    However, it also serves as a way to gauge CL's interest in books and the users' purchase behavior.

    On one hand I'd like to know what gets you to buy a book, start a series or disregard them, on the other I'd like to hear how often you buy books, and when you bought your last one - use the poll down there, but feel free to elaborate on it.

    If you have not bought a book in ages, please elaborate on the reasons for that.

  2. #480442013-02-07 14:34:22Paratoxical said:

    most of the books i buy are for learning languages
    not much to talk about that i guess xD
    i buy them whenever i think they might be useful

  3. #480702013-02-07 18:47:19DarkChaplain said:

    Too many pictures, too little text.

    Yes, you are supposed to post pictures, but I'd have thought you'd take actual photos of your books instead of copy/pasting some amazon links.
    And some elaborations on your purchase decisions would be very much appreciated as well...

  4. #480722013-02-07 19:00:53Firestorm said:

    I Funny by Patterson is a good one. Reminded me of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The "Dragons" Series, Icefire, etc, I can't remember the author off the top of my head. "Levin Thumps and the gateway to Foo" Is also an amazing book.

  5. #480762013-02-07 19:35:08 *Kip said:

    i just got new books yesterday! B) my aunt was going to throw them away so i decided to take them, since money is often tight around here anyway and i do enjoy reading when i'm up for it or have free time. o:

    a couple of small reads by Gail Tsukiyama, a short on art history, then i'd say about 7 by John Grisham? i'll post up the names once i have them all in front of me and stacked on my shelf.

    EDIT: rofl okay i'll respond to the question part.

    i can be a bit picky with books. i usually rent from the local library since it's free and i'll take anything that looks interesting. if it doesn't keep my interest by the 3rd or 5th chapter then i normally scrap it and start on something new. i can tell i'm going to like something if i've gone through half of the novel without even realizing it.

    if i REALLY like a certain series or book then i normally buy it when i have the chance to, to give my thanks to the author and to also keep it around so i always have a good read nearby.

    i'll also purchase books recommended to me if they're cheap enough or if i take interest in the summary enough; usually when somebody rec's me a book it's good, especially if i know they're avid readers, so i trust them.

  6. #480782013-02-07 20:00:46Mercy said:

    I can't post any pictures of my books because I don't have a camera. Sorry about that. But, the last books I bought were some Sherlock Holmes books from a used book store. In particular, "A study in Scarlet", " The Sign of the Four" and " A Scandal in Bohemia". Honestly, I have a lot of reasons for purchasing these books in particular. For starters, I like to collect classics. I have almost every Charles Dickens book ever published. Also, I missed out on a lot of schooling as a child due to being homeless and stuff so I didn't get the chance to read a lot of books in school like many other people did. I've never read the Sherlock Holmes novels and I really wanted to give them a try. And no, it has nothing to do with the movie or the T.V. series. I've just always wanted to read them. And like I said, I really love classics. I collect Kipling, Flaubert, Eliot, etc.

    I think many of the classics are written to a much better standard than today's fiction. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter and stuff too, but I absolutely HATE the standard that those books are written to. I understand they are children's/young adult novel's but come on. I mean they are written like kindergarten books practically. I Also understand my country (and other parts of the world) are getting progressively less educated but isn't that more reason to write to a higher standard rather than dumbing everything down? I don't know. These are just my personal opinions. I can hardly sit through modern fiction anymore because I feel like all the intelligence has been leached out of it to please the uneducated masses. I don't really blame the authors, it's just the way things are these days because if they want to make money they have to write to a standard that will sell. And I understand that. But to be honest, It just irritates me to read "blah blah blah" He said. "Oh" She said. "Yea. Blah blah blah blah blah". He said. "Oh blah blah" she did. I mean come on. It's just... pathetic and annoying. Okay sorry, mini rant over. Anyway, I don't expect nor care if anyone agrees with me on all that. Just an opinion from a weary reader.

    So as far as what gets me to start a series? Not much. All I need is mild interest or curiosity. If it looks interesting I will give it a try. I love to read and I like to discover all sorts of books. That's why I frequent used book stores. You never know what treasures you will find there. As for disregarding a series, it depends. If it gets too boring or dull I usually don't finish it. And if it's just too unintelligible I usually can't finish it. This is basically what's happening to me right now with "City of Bones" in The Mortal Instruments series. I mean, the story is cliche, the characters are cliche, the writing is subpar, and it's got more drama than a soap opera. So I've yet to decide whether or not I want to even bother finishing the first book, let alone the entire series. Another thing that will get me to disregard a series or a book is if it's TOO intelligent for me. Because as much as I complain about substandard writing, I'm not a genius (obviously), or even a very good writer myself, and there are a lot of books out there that I just don't get. Like "Good Omens". Love that book. Love it to death. But I didn't understand half of it, so I never finished the entire thing. This was mostly due to the fact that I am an American and it was jam packed full of British humor that went directly over my head and out the window.

    So, I buy books at least once a month. Usually from my local used book store but also from Amazon and other places. I don't have any big chain book stores where I live. Although, our library system is amazing up here and we can check out books online and get them mailed to our houses for free (and mail them back for free) because we are so spread out up here. And the library connects to about 25 different towns spread out over 300 square miles so there's lots of books to chose from. So yea, a lot of times I just use the library rather than purchasing books. I guess it's about half and half for me.

    And uh, I actually bought my last book a while ago when I was still in New york. Probably last October. I haven't been to the book store since I've gotten back, but I plan on going really soon! Was just waiting until after the holidays because there's usually a way bigger selection then!

    Hope that answered all your questions!

  7. #480792013-02-07 20:15:12Ashkachan said:

    I got Battle Royal from my uncle for Christmas, and so far I'm so obsessed with it. It's so far, much better than the movie. (I won't debunk the movie though, it's really good for an adaption.) It's also better than The Hunger Games cough. It's not for the tame of heart, it is graphic like the movie. They don't cut corners on the translation obviously.

    The plot is really well throughout, and I actually love the authors writing. His writing kind of reminds me of Stephen King only more... modernized? I like how he somehow is able write so many characters without getting lost either.

    Plot for those interested:

    This manga adaptation of the popular and controversial Japanese film offers back stories before plunging into brutality and gore. Forty-two ninth graders embark on what they think is a graduation camping trip. Unbeknownst to them, they've been taken to the practically deserted island of Okishima to serve as the next contestants on The Program, a state-sponsored reality tv show. The show's premise is simple, if terrifying: within three days the participants must kill each other until only one student remains. But there's a twist: the students have been fitted with high-tech collars that track their vital signs. If central command detects no one has been killed within 24 hours, it will detonate the explosive bomb collars and kill them all. Each student receives supplies and sets off. Survival of the fittest becomes the greatest equalizer, since the teens are from all walks of life: the loner, the spoiled rich kid, the class clown, the daughter of a high-ranking official and even a few orphans. As protagonist Suuya struggles to protect himself and his romantic interest, others try to outwit and kill one another. Friendships and allegiances come into question and reveal duplicity, betrayal, loyalty, cowardice and insanity. Taguchi's straight-ahead storytelling and Giffen's superior adaptation make the gore easy to follow. The book's scenes of torture, implied rape and killing combine the horror and extreme violence of A Clockwork Orange with Lord of the Flies' exploration of human nature and depravity and aren't for the faint of heart.

    As for your question; I usually just read whatever's interesting. However I do take friends recommendations, I usually like their recommendations. I've wasted my time reading really awful books Like The Hunger Games and been tricked by interesting concepts and summaries so I've held back on books usually.

    I usually read whatever by King though. I love his books, and his writing really. (I also love his movie adaptions, they're usually so well in tune with his books. Like The Mist.)

    I get used books, really. Much cheaper than spending $10-$20 on a bad book, lol.

  8. #480882013-02-08 01:35:01DarkChaplain said:

    Thanks, finally some nice input :)

    Now, I just got 2 old books used and a collector's edition novella today:

    Beautiful, isn't it?

    Why did I buy this one? There are multiple reasons:

    1. It is Warhammer 40,000 and I like that franchise and setting
    2. It is about one of the bigger events from the background material which has been alluded to on many occassions, but never really been detailed. This novella gives a more personal, first-hand insight on the events and important characters that had their place in the lore for decades.
    3. It was written by an author I really like, both in terms of his writing as well as personally. He's a really cool guy, with a broad knowledge of somehow nerdy topics, which makes him really pleasant to talk to.
      I would know, since I've been following him on Twitter for about a year now, and bugged him about something like.. yeah, this particular story, ever since (he had a very short 1000 words story on the main character published last year, and that one made it clear that he's the right one for the task).
      We've had a couple of conversations ever since, which makes me feel very comfortable with spending insane amounts of cash on his stories, or just anthologies including one of his. This particular book cost me 17,50€ + 5€ for delivery - an insane price, despite the premium format which I absolutely adore. But I've wanted it, and there were no regrets involved.

    However, it wasn't quite enough to buy a limited edition novella about yet another character which also just got released and sold for a week-long timeframe, exclusively via the publisher's site. 45€ just didn't sit well with me at this point in time, no matter how well he did in his short story about this respective character.
    Instead I preordered his first full novel for 40k, which happens to be about a faction I don't know squat about, apart from the fact that they've got a very specific form of mutations spread with their genes, and shit gets real because of it.

    So, I guess it comes down to whether I like the subject, how well I know about the author's other works (most commonly short stories in anthologies or somesuch) and how approachable they are for their readers, and how they appear and behave towards them, and whether or not the pricepoint is within the limits of what I'm willing to pay.
    50€ for a really nice artbook? Hell yeah. 20-25€ for a collector's edition or hardback release of a novel I am interested in? Sure, why not! 40-50€ for a novella-length story, presented in a premium format with some bells and whistles I could do without? Yeah.. no, I don't think so =/

    Usually I tend to branch off via authors I follow on twitter who talk to other authors about things that interest me, and check said unknown authors out, and if I like the impressions they're giving me, I check what they've got to offer. Other than that I'm still working towards replacing my ragtag collection of classics with proper hardbacks that'll look good on my shelves while also working through audiobooks, which then might lead me to pick up the real books if the story was good enough.

  9. #481082013-02-08 15:51:41 *archangel said:

    I've recently purchased this and's%20Fear_595.jpg

    Though I'm finishing the former before starting with the latter.

    As to why I buy the books I buy, I solely base it on the cover. If I like the cover design I'll look at its description. When it interests me I buy it. Also because I'm into medieval fantasy than modern fiction, though I do like steam punk.

    Now what gets me to disregard a book is mostly anything that revolves around romance, or books that still revolves around romance but slapped with supernatural shit. Something like "a boy meets a girl then finds out she's an angel" that kind of garbage isn't new also vampire novels nowadays are pure bullocks, though I did see a fairly interesting vampire novel I just can't remember the title. I also avoid anything involving vampires, I just hate them now, of course alucard, dracula, and classic vampires are still to my liking modern vampire stories have left a bad taste.

  10. #481532013-02-09 17:26:50AkiraSaki said:

    Not to long ago I bought all 5 A Song of Ice and Fire books. Each one is about 1000 pages and I'm slowly making my why through them. Currently on the 5th one, a Dance With Dragons, and it's spectacular, although at some points a bit dry (but hey, the book is 1000+ words long and isn't always action packed and interesting.) Also if you've ever watched Game of Thrones, these are the book that it's based upon.

  11. #489302013-02-22 09:16:08stapler said:

    Believe it or not I bought my bf a book for Valentine's Day. It's called: How to Live with a Huge Penis by Dr. Richard Jacob.

    It's pretty interesting and pretty troll. I'm not quite sure if everything stated inside are facts. Nevertheless it's really interesting to read. It basically tells you how to cope with a "too-large" penis. It also provides a ruler and a girth measurement for your own amusement.

  12. #491332013-02-25 05:15:38 *PigBoss said:

    I was bored yesterday and had nothing to do, so @Lumiex suggested I play Chopin's Tristesse on the piano. I got the music out and started practicing it. The next morning, I found myself curled up on the floor looking like a mess; I must have fell asleep while playing.


    Anyway, after getting some breakfast, I wanted to visit the local thrift/pawnshop/goodwill stores. I didn't know what I was going to find, but I was hoping that I would find an 88 key keyboard. Didn't find one. Oh well.

    On the bright side, there were a few books I wanted to buy since they covered some topics of my interest, but alas I could not buy all the books. These are the books I have bought.

    What legitimizes actions and feelings? If legitimacy was ruled by the constantly shifting theories of morality/ethics, how should we be adapting to the world 10, 20, 50, 100 years from now? Could there be a society that will be perfect so that there is no need for law to be laid down? I've been reading books about how humans work biologically and I am taking a freshman seminar class to explore morality/feelings/emotions in a philosophical point of view. I was curious to read how a person from law would see morality from. Albeit outdated (published in 1984), the question of morality in law and psychiatry tugged at my curiosity. It is a bit short compared to the other books I bought, but I hope it will be informative and useful nonetheless. (277 pages, $1.99)

    I haven't taken a hardcore history class in two years, and history isn't my major, but I relish in a little history here and there. However, browsing online articles won't adequately quench my thirst, and therefore I decided to buy this book that covers pretty much all of American history. It is a pretty long read. (1048 pages, $1.99)

    During high school, one of my favorite subject was economics, specifically macroeconomics. However, like most things I had learnt in high school, I sadly forgot most of the materials that my teacher had taught me. I am fortunate to find this textbook at Goodwill. I hope to finish this book around this year. (866 pages, $3.99)

    As a martial artist, one must constantly strive to grow in mind, body, and spirit. As a tennis player, I'd like to increase the efficiency of my movements and strokes as well as know my limits and plan accordingly. This book is the accumulation of knowledge on sports medicine and kinesthesiology. This book is a refreshing read from my dry textbooks. (734 pages, $3.99)$T2eC16hHJGwE9n)yVUTiBP7nO(oS1Q~~_35.JPG

    Exercise is important but even more important is diet. Although the book noted above has some chapters dedicated to "energy sources," I felt I needed a proper book to thoroughly understand how to eat properly. This is a textbook for someone in the major of nutrition, so it is obviously saturated with enough pages to make myself occupied for a good time. Thank you Goodwill. :D (752 pages, #3.99)

    Lastly, I have a textbook on psychology. I believe that the field is still in its infancy, but it is growing into a legitimate branch of science with the groundbreaking research in neuroscience, genetics, and behavior research. I am interested in psychology, but I would not really like to take it as a class. (602 pages, $3.99)

    I hope to read more good books, broaden my mind, and explore into the unknown. Happy reading CL. :3

  13. #496522013-03-04 00:30:30SnipeKrow said:

    A Death Note LA Murder's light novel, H.P. Lovecraft Greatest Horror Stories, True Celtic Ghost Stories, Prince of Thorns, Sandman Slim and the Immortal Circus.

  14. #496732013-03-04 06:50:01 *WhtRbbt said:

    The very latest book purchase I made was The Odyssey By Bernard Homer, translated by Robert Fagles with an introduction by Bernard Knox. I had read the Iliad by the same translator so I thought it would be a natural progression for me to read its sequel. The first book had a lovely rough page edge that I wanted to get with the Odyssey, but they sold out so I bought the Penguin edition. Though with no rough page edging, I do like the black-figure ware style of... Okay haha, not going into Art History here.

    So, from what I remember, whilst the Iliad had focused on the Trojan war and the bickering (like a bitter old couple) (like a bitter old couple with swords actually) between Agamemnon and Achilles. the Odyssey focuses on Odysseus (Ulysses), known for his cunning, on her very long voyage home from the war. If he was known for his cunning, how come it took over a decade to get home anyway? Well, I'm about to find out, though I'm sure most of you know the most famous stories from his voyage.

    Before that, I had purchased The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. My brother and I love the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games so I got him a copy of this book to remind him.The book itself is filled with ingenious military strategies that if taken metaphorically, can even apply to everyday life. Various leaders have claimed to study its pages. The particular edition is bound in the traditional Chinese-style binding that includes threading a cord through the pages. It's a beautiful book, but unfortunately, I cannot recall the publisher. I'll edit this post once I find out.

    What makes me buy a book?
    I'd like it if the book itself were unique. Books that survive the test of time yet remain interesting to me are particularly attractive. Though I admit I enjoy YA fantasy and science fiction novels.
    I'd also really be attracted if the price fit well into my budget.
  15. #496952013-03-04 08:38:52DarkChaplain said:

    My last purchase was more than 14 days ago, help!

    I still can't decide what to order, so much good stuff, I put, like, 80 bucks into my cart before I got into debates with my brain over which to get and which to drop :')

  16. #496992013-03-04 08:49:53SnipeKrow said:

    @WhtRbbt I was soooo damn close to buying Sun Tzu's [i]The Art of War![/i] I actually thumbed through a good portion of it while I was at the story. A lot of good stuff in that book~ :D

  17. #503772013-03-11 07:14:37 *stapler said:

    So today I went to Barnes and Nobles...for like the first time in years (because I didn't use to live in a country where there is Barnes and Nobles). I found a stack of these beautiful books (including @DarkChaplain's Lovecraft book) and I looked for one that I would actually read and enjoy and end up not buying any because I will be moving soon and also because school work is piling up so far. D: Just wanted to share: