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  1. Errant Signal

    #486322013-02-17 05:32:00 *DarkChaplain said:

    Campster's Errant Signal videos are all about games, their implications, the thoughts that went into them, mechanics, (re-)interpretations and general food for thought.

    Youtube - Website - Twitter

    Here at Errant Signal we felt the world was lacking in internet reviews of videogames, so we set out to fill that void. Upon realizing it was standing room only, we decided to try that new Italian place instead.

    Here's an example, and I'm sure @Momimochi will point out some other great videos as well:

  2. #486912013-02-18 13:55:03Kirn said:

    Watched a few of those. Liked it. The guy is not screaming and raging like Angry Joe, but he is genuinely interesting.

  3. #486922013-02-18 15:01:08DarkChaplain said:

    @Kirn Tell me more, really. I love Joe's stuff, but those recent Blood Bowl matches... all his shouting and screaming would be really damn entertaining if only he had a better microphone; thankfully he's gonna have a new one set up before the 4th match in the league, it seems

    Anyway, I really enjoy Campster's views on games and such. He brings up very interesting, valid points that get you thinking and look at things more closely. He usually backs his stuff up nicely as well. My only issue with his content is that he doesn't produce much of it, not nearly enough to keep me satisfied at least.

  4. #486932013-02-18 15:07:03Kirn said:

    In all honesty I only watched 2 for now - gamification, which amused me to no end, and mirror edge one cause I liked the game's concept a lot, and that one was pretty insightful. I really gotta get more free time... and then catch up on things I have to do on other sites... and then finish reading the book I read... and then grab me some more of these videos.

  5. #593822013-06-16 17:44:05hellstorm901 said:

    Star Wars Galaxies is the only true Star Wars game.

    That was the Star Wars Universe all in one game and if it survived until today without it having been brutally murdered by idiotic developers who wanted "To try some new stuff" it would have destroyed World of Warcraft or at least given it a run for its money.

  6. #769812014-05-27 12:48:59Xyopq said:

    Watched That's not a game, Mirrors Edge and Gamification. I'll check out the others some other time, but really enjoyed the Mirrors Edge one and the Gamification video. I really hope Mirrors Edge 2 is good. Maybe we'll see some gameplay at E3?