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  1. Undefeated (Documentary)

    #488182013-02-20 19:58:39 *Kirn said:

    I gotta tell you - it has been a hard month. Saw 3 documentaries, and none of them was any good. Not good enough to show here, for sure. But then I found this one.


    "The football program at Manassas High School in Memphis, TN, has earned a powerful reputation during the school's 110-year history, but unfortunately it doesn't happen to be a positive one. The Manassas team has never been eligible for a single play-off game, and no one expected this to change before Bill Courtney entered the picture."

    Okay, you probably guessed that this one is about American Football. And, what's more, it's not like most documentaries that try delving deep into some issue. No, this one is more like a story about this one team and their struggle in a single season. So, interestingly enough, you will enjoy it more if you like not just documentaries, but sports movies. Now, I enjoy me a good documentary and I, while not following any sport at all, do love good sports movie, so I watched this one.

    So, what is this about? A high-school team with some serious troubles. Those boys fight, they have trouble at school, they got complicated families, one of them was in jail... They got problem with authority, with each other, with being a team. And one coach who tries to hold them together and make them win. Facepalming a lot, really, but struggling to the end.

    Is it worth watching? I'd say it is. The events are real, but at the same time it has a plot and a drive just like a movie. Kinda makes you wanna start following some sports and rooting for some teams. But even not - the movie is engaging. I will repeat myself here and say that it will not give you perspective on some issue or something, but you will be entertained and you will be entertained by actual not fictitious events, which gotta be worth something.