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  1. The Colorless News (Issue #8)(upd)

    #491592013-02-25 09:56:45 *Kirn said:

    The Colorless News

    (25.02.2013, Issue #8)


    The fall of the last admin. Is this the end?

    Since the last issue of CL News the site went through many administrative changes. Both @Gargron and @acostoss left their administrative positions, @Deftones, formerly known as repeat offender, was made moderator, and every banned account was at one point unbanned. Now we come at what looks like the last is this series of events - @Trev also left his administrative position and went on with his work on other sites.

    Interestingly enough, while other two administrators were driven away by organized terrorist attacks and public opinion, @Trev till the very end was not a subject of those. It was agreed by the majority, that this administrator maintained the status quo the best and therefore is vital to the upkeep of the site. While he reigned as a single admin of CL, all previous dramas subdued. So it is especially sad that in the end he became a victim of drama himself.

    It seems that in places surrounding CL (Skype, Twitter and so on) there was born new unseemly rumor concerning @Trev. It is knows that at some point this rumor was picked up by @Gargron, who took it as a truth and blew it out of proportion, helping in spreading it. And then it reached a critical mass and blew into @Trev’s face right here on CL – some person from the fake account attacked him bringing this rumor out. Naturally, no one have claimed responsibility for that act.

    It is widely believed to be the reason for @Trev’s leaving – this act made him lose all hope for the community and it is impossible to blame him for his decision. Even though he left while being in the middle of talks with ru-channel people who tried to push some new improvements for the chat. People from ru, looking at examples of other chats, mailed @Trev with ideas for his consideration, and some of them even believed for a short while that he left the admin position to escape their mails. While it is not so, it is also sad to see the work of ru-channel (and ru people have always been the calmest people of CL, never making any drama and usually never even wanting anything) being crushed by these events.

    So, what is left for the site and for the community? Well, the good news is that we are not exactly adminless. Moderator @Warlock was made a new admin, and it was a good decision for he have been pretty much the last good admin we had – surviving through all the hardships of CL and his position while maintaining the rare diplomatic approach to everyone. There can be no doubt that he was the best choice for the job.

    And, speaking of choice, at the time of @Warlocks new appointment CL had only 3 active moderators left. So, naturally, the first order of @Warlock was to create more moderators. Applications were sent, and we should be hearing about his decision soon.

    But maintaining the order is only one small problem of our (again) new CL. The most prominent problem is the lack of financial backing needed for sustaining the site. When @Warlock took his position, he was faced with the fact that the site only had the money until the end of the month. Yes, this month.3 more days. And if you would want to use the donations counter as a reference – do not do it. It is broken and probably been broken for many months now. And the site, having no backing now, is on a very real verge of closing. While CL News got no up-to-date information on the financial state of CL, we do urge people to leave some donations to the site – even a dollar will be fine.

    For now we, as a community, can only hope to overcome these first trials – financial and structural. If we survive that, it will be upon @Warlock to try and develop the site into a better place. Or at least to keep it together as it is now. Let’s hope he succeeds.

    SEN fever on CL.

    Many know @SENsei. Many do not like him while many find him amusing. And we all know that recently he was banned. Which almost immediately made people create SEN’s fan-threads. But the most fun fact is that him being banned created many threads with actual voting for his release. Even more fun is the fact that the first thread was made by @Trev who was still an admin at that time. This thread is now deleted. After the first thread spiraled out of control, crashed and was locked, @Kirn created the second thread. While he clearly stated his intend for entertainment and no official backing, people still took that thread as seriously as the first one. And after the second thread run its course @Lumiex created the third voting thread.

    Well, after all the drama and people hating on thread-starters and SEN personally, @SENsei is now unbanned thus ending this feverish episode on CL.

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    Old new mods

    After sifting through all the applications sent to @Warlock, CL finally got new batch of moderators. New CL workers are @someone, @DarkChaplain, @Lumiex, @Kip, and @Ecstasy. CL News wishes to express it's congratulations and hopes that these new moderators will prove to be dedicated to the well-being of CL. Two of the new moderators - @DarkChaplain and @Lumiex already held this position in the past but decided to leave. This happened at the dark time of the site when moderators had no integrity and were not allowed to even do their jobs. Seeing them applying for moderator position again and, more importantly, seeing those applications approved is a clear sign of CL truly being under a new independent management.

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    Issue #8, from 25.02.2013

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  2. #491612013-02-25 10:45:40 *momo said:

    There is enough money to run the site for an additional month. While the counter is indeed broken, it does reflect how much longer the site has in that it shows that there is enough money to pay for the next server bill.

    This doesn't mean ya'll shouldn't donate to help out, but that things needn't be presented as quite so dire.

    MOMO 4 MOD 2013

  3. #491632013-02-25 11:17:09 *Kirn said:

    Well, I can say that th people pretty much ended with An Animius (or whatever the fuck his name was) and others who left around the time of first official moderator re-evaluation. In those last days th channel was mostly used to plot schemes outside main channel. And then the activity... well, kinda died down. But ru are still strong, very active chat in evenings, and there are still oldfags there who saw the beginning of the site. They just keep to themselves and never go out to make drama... but when I come on chat and check online list - half of people are from ru )

  4. #491652013-02-25 12:57:37Ashkachan said:

    We can always make a huge fancy thread asking for donation. I'd donate but well... I'm broke.

    Like... Maybe if we upped the ante and made a big deal out of donating maybe people will???!!

    (Or not. ;___;)

  5. #491692013-02-25 13:26:06Cloud-VK said:

    We can always make a huge fancy thread asking for donation.

    I thought gar had one, but I guess we'd just make a repost. huh

    We have talked about it before and most of us agree that a steady flow of new people would be a big help for the site. Ive thought about it and havent brought it up cause its probley a lame idea, I was wondering if theirs a issue with makeing colorless threads on other sites or ahh hell maybe an advertisement to represent this place.

  6. #491702013-02-25 14:43:03Neko-Chan said:

    Thanks for the update @Kirn This was a nice summery to read of the recent CL history.

    To everyone else, this thread isn't just asking for money. It was a news update as the title states. The fact that CL is low on funding is just part of the news.

  7. #491722013-02-25 14:54:38Kirn said:

    Well, we already got the statement here that we got the money to last us another month. So things not as grim, but still. Anyways, I do believe we have a few money threads here somewhere... or maybe Warlock would later make his own.

  8. #491732013-02-25 15:04:22DarkChaplain said:

    Either way, this was a fantastic newsthread, thanks for your effort once again, @Kirn!

    I hope to see you reporting about the new staff additions as well, either via edit or however else you'd like to handle it.

  9. #491902013-02-25 18:36:40Decae said:

    Let's ignore the finger pointing and go bad to the important shit: the need for funds. A great way to promote donations is to offer incentives somehow. Perhaps some mod artist will sketch a picture for every donation over $10. I will sing you a song for a donation over $20. Stuff like that.

    It might not do much, but it might help people actually donate because they get a little something in return. Just a suggestion.

  10. #492012013-02-25 20:17:20Ashkachan said:

    I like this idea, really like it even!

    I'd be willing to help out too. I can draw and make graphics. (Including logos and stuff!)

  11. #491942013-02-25 19:22:22Warlock said:

    @Kirn Yes, sorry about the misinformation. The first day that I took the position, I was only aware that we had enough money by the end of the month. Later, I talked to Momo and Gar and they filled me in that we had enough for next month as well.

    We'll figure something out, and I'm hopeful people will donate a little.

  12. #492002013-02-25 20:13:28Neko-Chan said:

    I donated some money, hope that helps cover some of the cost.

    On that note, how much is our server cost? Since the counter on the right is broken(?).

  13. #492082013-02-25 21:05:28Xyopq said:

    I've been a bit low on money the past couple of months, but should be able to donate a bit when I'm paid on Wednesday.

  14. #492662013-02-26 07:56:36Kirn said:

    Updated the first post with a short piece about new moderators. I think that's pretty much all for the news now )