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The Colorless News (Issue #8)(upd)

  1. #517252013-03-30 18:38:27--Jack-- said:

    We could offer some sort of temp-gift for a temporarily upgraded account or something...... That'd make people want to donate more..

  2. #517302013-03-30 18:52:40Kirn said:

    Man.... first of all, check the date of the first post. You are late as fuck to post here. And second of all - this is a horrible idea.

  3. #517312013-03-30 19:06:32DarkChaplain said:


    a) What @Kirn said.
    b) We do not have account tiers, so there's nothing we could upgrade anyone to.
    c) Yes, we do have staff positions, but that's obviously not something to buy into.
    d) We've got various things planned for the future.
    e) We're good for a couple of months anyway. No pressure.