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Waifu Charts!

  1. #945082015-11-24 00:14:38Memelord said:

    It would appear I am finally late enough to the meme to post mine. Plz help a man lost without a waifu to love. If you can't find one for me and wanna give up just give me Liru.

  2. #953982015-12-12 09:12:23rad_ed_bop said:

    love to know which one is mine so i can start watching the anime, maybe you could add a goth box or something, just a thought.

  3. #1062142016-08-17 01:43:35--Jack-- said:

    @6abe Unfortunately that link is a local link from your computer. It won't render in chat and we can't open it. I'd recommend an online image-hosting website like Imgur.