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  1. Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare (documentary)

    #494722013-03-01 08:40:20 *Kirn said:

    Hello, one and all! My last documentary thread got even less attention than usual, but I am not stopped by this. And now I bring you a new documentary - this one about a serous USA issue. About USA healthcare.

    So, yeah. This issue is a very sensitive, so I will say it right here for all you raging democrats out there - this is not anti-Obama movie. The movie tells you that the situation USA got now is the result of things that happened along many presidential administrations. But, while not raging on any president, the movie takes a very firm position - USA healthcare as it is today is wrong and harmful. And the metaphor used in the movie - about fires - tells that to escape the system people would have to break out of it themselves, however they can, before it consumes them.

    So, what is this movie about anyways? This is the movie about the current state of American healthcare and about people and institutions seeking alternatives. The movie ties the state of healthcare with lobbyists and big industries. The movie also ties the diseases with the way of life people have. Actually, all of this is very basic, but, it seems, it should be explained to people constantly anyways.

    But, naturally, the movie isn't all about negativity. So along with problems we see people working on solutions, testing them, pushing the right bills or even just trying to do something on their own. The funniest thing is probably them showing army people embracing more spiritual ways of healing. And that made me seriously doubtful at first, but then I remembered about the First Earth Battalion (google it), and it pretty much goes along with that old idea. So actually trying such things in the army is exactly the right thing to do. And I also had fun learning about the company that had the brains to just make it more beneficial for their employees to stay healthy.

    But I am spoiling things here. There are solutions in this movie, just as there are warnings to you (if you live in USA, anyways) about what you should watch out for if you get seriously ill. And, as I already said, the movie does not bash anyone politically as far as I can see. The movie is well-structured and comprehensive. It keeps you interested 'till the very end. And, since the issue here is really quite important, I do recommend it to you. It's never too early to learn about how the medical system and the doctors may abuse you in your life.