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  1. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

    #495802013-03-02 21:07:34 *DarkChaplain said:

    Ladies and Gentlepirates, we've got ourselves a leaked trailer, 2 days before world premier!




    Coming October 29 this year, to PS3, PS4(!), X360 and Wii U and PC (probably delayed again).
    Not much is known yet, apart from the setting, the main character and the release date and platforms. More will probably be made available in a couple of days, when the thing actually gets officially shown off to the world.







    Even Blackbeard approves! http://i.imgur.com/njlAo7V.jpg

  2. #495822013-03-02 22:48:22 *Noodle said:

    I were pretty sceptical about this game but that trailer certainly changed my mind. Let me recruit and manage my crew, sail the seas, pillage and stuff like that and you have my money.

    I'm still hoping for a Feudal Japan AC, though. Or a rising Swedish Empire one (wishful thinking). Protestant Assassins vs Catholic Templars~

  3. #495832013-03-02 22:59:16Ashkachan said:

    I haven't played any of the AC games, go ahead and laugh at me ;_;, but this one does look interesting! And the graphics are once again beautiful. I might just get 'em all one day for my Xbox.

  4. #495842013-03-02 23:14:10 *DarkChaplain said:

    I'm still hoping for a Feudal Japan AC, though.

    I'm more hoping for China. The connection to Ezio would be around as well.


    But yeah, I was also highly sceptical about AC4, still am, but this trailer kinda sold it to me. Much better than the AC3 nonsense, though not quite as memorable as the AC:Revelations trailer with Woodkid's Iron:

    Anyway, I pray that Black Flag will actually send Edward on treasure hunting (Pieces of Eden in the Dead Man's Chest, anyone?) and diving action might finally make water in AC somehow interesting, the way they handled it to this day has been more than disappointing.

    One thing irks me, though:

    Haytham Kenway was born in 1725, iirc, and Edward Kenway died in 1735. Haytham had a half-sister, Jenny, who was also kidnapped during the raid on the Kenway house that saw Edward jump the plank.
    I wonder how those things are gonna play into AC4, if at all. After all, Edward had already retired from piracy at that point, but apparently some of his possessions were reason for the raid, so it would make sense for that to be some of his booty.

    Still, Blackbeard died in 1718, and didn't really have a long career as a pirate. Eventful, sure, but not long (he died at the age of 38 for all we know, and didn't lead much of a scumbag life before sailing the sea), so it makes me wonder when exactly he came to respect CAPT'N Edward Kenway. At this point, however, we also don't know when Edward was born, and whether or not the two got a history.

    Get a decent PC, screw Xbox :V Heck, you'd be better off on PS3, at least there you'd get some bonus stuff. iirc, Revelations comes with AC1 on PS3, for example.

  5. #495862013-03-02 23:36:08PigBoss said:

    Just because a game looks pretty...

    doesn't mean it is.

    Maybe I am demanding too much from a big name video game series, but I hope that the next game will have a story that people care about.

    Ubisoft is probably going to milk this cash cow until the udders are caked with crusty gold. Might as well make a decent plotline so people can give more of a fuck.

  6. #495872013-03-02 23:57:41 *DarkChaplain said:

    Funny, I could sing that same "story in this game sucks"-hymn about pretty much every other AAA title. Assassin's Creed at least attempted to spin a rich background story. The catch? It is all still tied to people using the Animus and present day shenanigans.

    However, Desmond's story is apparently OVER, so no more dickface to worry about.

    I never gave a shit about Desmond's part of the story after the initial game, which ended on a "HOLY FUCK, 16 KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!!"-note. Then they killed 16, and then they killed 16's Animus left-overs because Desmond needed some guidance while being dumb and in a coma.

    Part of the problem was that Desmond was an unlikeable twat. Another part of it was that the story was pretty much about a small group of Assassins on the run to save the world while trying to escape the Templars. Shit grew old very quickly since it took them AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations AND AC3 to achieve that; baby steps, year after year.
    Yet another reason was that none of the present-day locations where even remotely as interesting as their counterparts in the past.

    They obviously wanted a Scifi story. They needed it at some point, but then it just became the framework in which to piece the database entries and events into, while the present day timeline got more and more tedious and rooted to the spot.

    The past timelines and sequences were suffering from some disjointed events, often due to the player being pulled back into the present day due to some bogus.
    However, scope and feel of the past timelines, especially the Ezio ones, were amazingly well done. Yes, there was a lot to nitpick about here and there, but the overall performance was absolutely great. There's a good reason almost every AC game won awards for the story department.

    AC3 rant incoming!

    Now, AC3 was a different beast entirely. It was shallow, self-centered, lacked vision and was even more repetitive than AC1, which was tedious in most aspects and is more to be seen as an elaborate tech-demo of what is possible on the new generation of hardware.
    But AC3 was neither polished nor thought through well enough to excite much. The characters were flat, the protagonist an ignorant bastard who wouldn't stop to think for a moment and the overarcing gameplay elements, like the assassin recruits, were neglected and not strongly enough incorporated into the storyline.

    Connor never really achieved anything. He was a bystander throughout the whole game, watching other people making decisions, staying his blade when faced with his nemesis due to other people being around, being guided the whole game, driven by nothing but childish whims.

    You know who wanted vengeance for his family's death? Ezio Auditore da Firenze. You know who outgrew it after enough consideration and later dedicated his life to fighting against oppression and a bigger cause than his personal reasons? Ezio Auditore da Firenze.
    You know who didn't manage that? Connor.

    Neither of those two got professional training as an assassin before they were in their late teens, and Ezio got little to no guidance in the first place, while Connor's training was never actually shown in AC3. Meanwhile Ezio grew with the storyline of AC2 and continued to learn more in Brotherhood, and even after he became Mentor to the Order.
    Connor rejected advice, acted like a spoiled brat and let the important things fall below the table in his quest to become a real man.

    No wonder nobody liked AC3 and is looking forward to the Ezio-team getting back with AC4.

  7. #495882013-03-03 00:01:05 *Noodle said:

    Still, Blackbeard died in 1718, and didn't really have a long career as a pirate. Eventful, sure, but not long

    He also lived on his reputation. He barely fought since people mostly surrendered upon spotting his ship. There is no real evidence that Blackbeard ever killed anyone as a pirate.

  8. #495892013-03-03 00:11:36Rune said:

    I just don't know what to feel about this after the disaster that was AC3. I guess one of the things that would be able to sell this AC to me is if it has fixed the always broken combat system yet.

  9. #495902013-03-03 00:14:56 *TalTal said:

    (Oh no, Edward's super hot)
    The only problem I have with this is that I've never been a fan of swimming in AC games. I grew a huge grudged against it after Venice in ACII. If they can prove it's not a huge pile of slow moving dicks, I'll enjoy the game.
    Well, I still need to play ACIII first.

  10. #495932013-03-03 00:25:55DarkChaplain said:


    The only problem I have with this is that I've never been a fan of swimming in AC games. I grew a huge grudged against it after Venice in ACII. If they can prove it's not a huge pile of slow >moving dicks, I'll enjoy the game.

    It looks like they're gonna improve the swimming aspect in some way. It would just make sense for the captain of a pirate ship to be able to swim properly, and they hint that much in the trailer; Edward is diving for a sunken ship! That could make for very interesting missions and such.

    Well, I still need to play ACIII first.

    Do yourself a favor and skip it.

  11. #495942013-03-03 00:31:31Ashkachan said:

    @DarkChaplain Plenty of games look great on my Xbox. Saints Row the 3rd, Red Dead Redemption, Catherine looks really great, and Persona 4 Arena too. I don't have a shitty TV so the picture's great. I need to save up for college so a new desktop is outta the option.

    Besides that, my cousin's promised to buy me 18 video games when I turn 18 l o l.

  12. #495952013-03-03 00:37:46Mau said:
    Oh no, I want it...(kind of)
    But I do have serious reservations, especially considering that I heard AC3 was noticeably glitchy upon release, I heard they fixed the glitches later through updates but still side eye worthy because of how sloppy that is...
    I know all games aren't flawless in the glitch department but, more could have been done instead of rushing for the release date. Hopefully, seven months is enough time to properly refine everything, though hearing it releases on my birthday does kinda make me feel a bit giddy.
  13. #495962013-03-03 00:43:46DarkChaplain said:

    That is one of my biggest concerns as well. AC3 had patchlogs that rivalled MMO launch patches!
    Still, this one should build up on the engine of AC3, which should be in an acceptable state at this point, and should be quite alright once it comes out in around 8 months (October 29). It is kinda awkward that AC3 launched the way it did, though. I can't remember any other AC game to be this buggy ever.

  14. #496012013-03-03 02:19:37 *Kuin said:

    As a longtime AC fan it's no surprise to say I was rather disappointed by several aspects of AC3 that I won't get into. That said, god damn am I excited for this one. Perhaps it's just because I find this whole pirate-oriented story more interesting than one based during the civil war. Nonetheless I'm looking forward to this desmond-free sequel and a what seems to be more ezio-like protagonist.

  15. #496142013-03-03 11:59:30PBJ said:

    Oh look, another AC game where they're going to try and add new features that make it a shitty, shitty game. Never again.

  16. #496242013-03-03 18:08:03Cloud-VK said:

    Game Informers rated AC3s glitches as one of the the top ten gameing fails of 2012.

    I really think it will be more of the same.

    :/ sorry too say but I'm really into creed anyway or games like that even though I do play them, nah I'm more of a racer when it comes too gaming. :3