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Parent: Your Recent Book Purchases

  1. #496732013-03-04 06:50:01 *WhtRbbt said:

    The very latest book purchase I made was The Odyssey By Bernard Homer, translated by Robert Fagles with an introduction by Bernard Knox. I had read the Iliad by the same translator so I thought it would be a natural progression for me to read its sequel. The first book had a lovely rough page edge that I wanted to get with the Odyssey, but they sold out so I bought the Penguin edition. Though with no rough page edging, I do like the black-figure ware style of... Okay haha, not going into Art History here.

    So, from what I remember, whilst the Iliad had focused on the Trojan war and the bickering (like a bitter old couple) (like a bitter old couple with swords actually) between Agamemnon and Achilles. the Odyssey focuses on Odysseus (Ulysses), known for his cunning, on her very long voyage home from the war. If he was known for his cunning, how come it took over a decade to get home anyway? Well, I'm about to find out, though I'm sure most of you know the most famous stories from his voyage.

    Before that, I had purchased The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. My brother and I love the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games so I got him a copy of this book to remind him.The book itself is filled with ingenious military strategies that if taken metaphorically, can even apply to everyday life. Various leaders have claimed to study its pages. The particular edition is bound in the traditional Chinese-style binding that includes threading a cord through the pages. It's a beautiful book, but unfortunately, I cannot recall the publisher. I'll edit this post once I find out.

    What makes me buy a book?
    I'd like it if the book itself were unique. Books that survive the test of time yet remain interesting to me are particularly attractive. Though I admit I enjoy YA fantasy and science fiction novels.
    I'd also really be attracted if the price fit well into my budget.