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If you had a Portal Gun

  1. #500972013-03-08 21:32:07PureCarnage said:

    I have so many ideas but here's two of them.

    1. Place one above and below me so I would go in a forever fall to reach max velocity and when I see a target make a fist, see a wall, set a portal up, launch myself out of the wall's portal, and punch the hell out of the target. They'll never see it coming. . . .>: D

    2. Make a portal from my home to Italy. screw the stresses of home and relax in maybe Venice.

  2. #502402013-03-09 15:57:06ZatWuanGuy said:

    I think @DarkChaplain is the only one applying the history of the Portal Gun here. I mean, yeah it's cool and all, and thinking irrationally can be fun, but really the only logical thing to do is contact Gabe Newell. After this you could start up your own Aperture Science company, and become extremely rich before you die from Moon Rock poisoning.