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  1. The Official Server-Kun Design Contest :D !

    #503792013-03-11 07:52:22 *RenPikaaa said:

    Hello everyone and welcome to our first CL contest under Warlock's regime!


    Basically, since we are planning to launch our own merchandise team here on CL, we are looking for more designs other than Server-tan. Thusly, we have been looking for designs that may be more ideal for 'the dudes' of our community, as not many will infact have the mentality to wear uguu server-tan in public (or at least that was the goal). Therefore, we are holding this contest so that we could (hopefully) get a MANRY design for Server-kun! (For Fujoshi, don't worry, there's going to be an Error-kun contest soon XD)


    • Only 1 entry per person (alts' entries won't count, no resubmissions)
    • Can be hand drawn/hand colored, digitalised, but nothing in the 3D aspect
    • Must be in color
    • No Chibi
    • Must include the Colorless logo. They don't have to wear the CL logo ! It can be anywhere in or around your allocated character space !
    • Can be in any style, Animu, Digital Art etc etc !
    • Full body or at least 3/4 (Knees/thighs up but include shoes design to the side if you do)
    • No stealing
    • Submit on time
    • Signed with your name (sign it outside the main picture; so somewhere on the side of the page or something)
    • Even if you are someone else OUTSIDE the colorless community, you must create an account to participate ! It doesn't take too long, so don't let that obstacle prevent you from submitting !
    • AND DEFINITELY NO STICK FIGURES ! >:V We're taking this contest seriously guys and so should you !


    The prizes for this contest are roughly the following:

    1st place: 1 shirt + $30 + bonus

    2nd place: 1 shirt and $20

    3rd place: $10

    There may be updates to this prize list ! So keep an eye out !


    Any breaches against these rules will result in disqualification. Of course this includes copyright infringement ! So the submitted work must be your own idea and design !


    The deadline is March 31st, 2013 ! You only have about 3 weeks, so get drawing CL! Also, tell your friends! Your cousins! Your sister's cousins! Anyone who would be interested!

    Spread this contest far and wide and I'll love you forever <3


    • You ARE allowed to submit server-kun in different positions ! It says one Entry only, so as long as he is the same design for all positions, it is allowed ! One design, multiple pictures or just one picture ! As long as it's the same design, that's all that matters :D

    • IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING, Please put "THIS IS MY SUBMISSION" On your post please. It would be very helpful to determine the more serious posts than to the actual submissions :3

    • Remember, it doesn't really matter how tough the competition is. If it's tough, then you can use the opportunity to help push out more skill ! After all, if you have the confidence to post up your work, you will have the confidence to accept most of the comments towards it. Meaning, even if you don't win, someone else will appreciate the work you do, making you feel like a winner anyway :3 It is an art contest after all ! Feedback is helpful ! :D

    • The prizes are as follows:

    1st place: 1 shirt + $35 + bonus

    2nd place: 1 shirt and $20

    3rd place: $10

    This is the rough idea for the prizes, but there might be updates to it in the near future !

    • Teaming up with another person is allowed ! If you come up with ONE design, it is accepted. It the rules state ONE DESIGN, but nothing about being made by one person. If your design wins, then the prize will be split amongst you.

    -THERE IS GOING TO BE AN EXTENSION. One more week ! You have until next sunday ! HERE'S ANOTHER THING ! If you've already submitted, there is a chance to RESUBMIT your design for those extra points ! E.G. including more artistic skill, design etc etc. You would want to show off as much as you can for the bonus CASH. Yep. That's right, the bonus is MORE CASH :D you can win up to $100 if you can really make us WOAH ! Get to it Colorless ! Time is of the essence ! GOOD LUCK :D

    -ANOTHER EXTENSION HAS BEEN GIVEN ! To the 15th of april. Figured that it wouldnt be enough time to finish the final design for most people ! Have fun ^^

  2. #503802013-03-11 07:59:45RenPikaaa said:
    Well here are some examples done in the past for the image of server-kun !

    Something around these examples. Basically we want him to have short hair and have that kind of MANRY attitude,
    (but not too manry !) excite us with your unique designs, and the rebirth of Server-Kun will be underway ! Many thanks to the past artists, @Momimochi, @Apple, and @Akri !
  3. #503822013-03-11 08:02:33 *RenPikaaa said:



    We chose it ourselves because we know it is the One True Design.

    Priced at $50 a pop, @Kip's design of 'SHOTA ODOR BLOCKING POWER' will be printed IMMEDIATELY and then shipped Worldwide!!


  4. #503962013-03-11 11:28:03DarkChaplain said:

    Thusly, we have been looking for designs that might cater more for 'the dudes' of our community (or at least that was the goal). Therefore, we are holding this contest so that we could (hopefully) get a MANRY design for Server-kun!

    Whut? If you want to cater to "the dudes", you have to go for Server-tan, not -kun. Guys won't fangirl over male characters, they need females that make them go doki-doki, yo!

    Either way, looking forward to the entries!

  5. #504032013-03-11 12:42:11RenPikaaa said:

    I fixed the description a little to make it more clear on why we hope to aim server-kun generally to males :3 Because ideally, women can wear almost everything with anything printed on it without such criticism or judgmental factors as men if they wear something like a shirt with a loli printed on it :P Not much "Unisex" with the current server-tan, but we may or may not hold another contest which can make her look more mature making her much more suitable for wearable merchandise towards men. Alas, It is still your choice which ever you prefer on your shirt :3

  6. #503982013-03-11 11:38:33 *Kirn said:

    I'd say - do the manly Server-kun for the girls and then re-make Server-tan to be more sexy for the guys! Then do shota error-kun for fujoshis.