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The Official Server-Kun Design Contest :D !

  1. #525562013-04-08 16:30:00 *Kirn said:

    @CloudVariasKira read the goddamn first post. Deadline is extended to 15th. Though I think it is way too long and it should all have ended days ago so I could finally round up all the contestants, praise some and shoot all the others in the head.

  2. #525582013-04-08 16:35:27 *Cloud-VK said:

    @Kirn OK OK my fault ... sorry. I will pay more attention to updates.

    But you did answer question so thanks : )

    Sorry nevermind @Warlock

    Like to say yeah I didn't enter anything but its only because I hated everything I did. with a passion.

  3. #530602013-04-14 07:13:28 *Mau said:
    This is my entry, pretty late to the party, but better late than never.

    And here's a borderless version.
  4. #531122013-04-14 19:52:07Warlock said:

    Contest has officially ended. We will be starting a poll of the images we feel deserve to make it to the final round of voting. Thank you all for your hard work and effort in your submissions!