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  1. Comixology's Free 700 (DEAL IS BACK~)

    #504292013-03-11 18:10:58 *InsaneBoredGame said:

    Starting from today(well not today anymore), Comixology (a digital comics distributor) is offering 700 issue #1 Marvel comics for absolutely free. This stuff ranges from their 60s and 70s originals to the Marvel NOW relaunch that started last fall.

    Now, you do have to sign up for an account, but the convenience of reading this stuff on your smartphone, computer, or tablet more than makes up for it.

    This is a great opportunity for new readers looking to get into comics as well as old readers. So, go ahead and buy some shit!

    NOTE: Due to high server load, the website is down; [s]However, the sale does extend to Wed March 13 at 11 PM EST.[/s] The sale has been put on hold. Link for more info.

    It's back as a sign up thing. Make a comixology account. Sign up. Wait for an invite.

    BONUS: For those looking to publish their own comics (or manga bastardizations), Comixology has created a submit option, similar to Amazon's Kindle Publishing service.