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  1. [CL League of Legends Tournament] Loldcup NA Series

    #506342013-03-15 05:57:35 *9mm said:

    I will be hosting a Loldcup in order to make CL more active and hostile environment.

    Loldcup will be hosted in May with big prize.

    Directions v1.1:

    1. A team must consist of 5 CL members. And up to 3 substitute members. If your teammate is not part of CL, then make him sign up and post under this thread. Bonus points for the newfag who is active.

    2. Games will be best out of 1 and the teams with the most wins will advance to the next round. A winner of the match must upload the end-game result or both teams will get a lose.

    3. 9mm will do all the match making. Two teams must play the match within a week. Make sure to let 9mm know about the schedule.

    4. A match can be delayed upon agreement. But don't forget about the 1 week rule.

    5. A match must start at the scheduled time. No excuse.

    6. If 8 more teams register, there will be 2 brackets.

    7. Some games will be streamed and commentated by me and possibly Yotsuba. All of the Semi-finals and the final will be streamed.

    8. I will be giving away Jamba Juice coupons.

    9. Shit-talking is allowed, because it is part of the game. But no overly racist comments.

    Entered Teams:

    1) KittyCat - TheUndertakerXD






  2. #506362013-03-15 07:42:02Lycan said:

    I don't think CL has enough players to build more than maybe three or four teams man. But I think it'll be fun anyway!

  3. #506462013-03-15 11:37:30Lycan said:

    LoL is deep and deserves several threads. It has so much depth that actually we should devote the entire site to it.

  4. #506502013-03-15 13:19:55Ashkachan said:

    Hate to say it but League isn't as popular anymore. Especially since Dota 2 came out. And well... You have to pay for everything now. It kinda sucks actually, it'd be decent if they worked on it more.

  5. #506512013-03-15 14:05:38RenPikaaa said:

    Lol League is still popular. They have big ass prize pools for their comps. You don't have to pay for everything. Lol. You do get in game cash~

  6. #506682013-03-15 22:12:09Ashkachan said:

    Dota 2 is becoming increasingly more popular than League. Mainly because almost everything is free and it's more challenging. No need to be condescending over my post, I'm just saying.

  7. #506522013-03-15 14:22:50 *9mm said:

    @Ashkachan just because you have an opinion, it doesn't mean you have an argument.

    @DarkChaplain well i am running my own thing now. i have a better knowledge of this game than all of you and i have attended some tournaments in the past. not only i know how these things are run, i am willing to use my own time without anyone else's help so why not right?

    if anyone wants to help out, let me know. i might have a job for you. (most likely not)

  8. #506592013-03-15 17:29:45DarkChaplain said:

    It might be the quality of your threads and contributions on other people's topics which prevents me from recognizing your good intentions.

  9. #506612013-03-15 17:40:30DarkChaplain said:

    Just looking through your most recent few pages of posts, it seems like that intention has magically grown over the last half an hour or so.

  10. #506622013-03-15 17:45:57 *9mm said:

    @RenPikaaa spread the words is all I can say for now. Tell them the matches will be streamed and shoutcasted by an amateur. People love getting their matches shoutcasted.

    Also, tell people how 'nice' CL is so people stick around for the future

  11. #506692013-03-15 22:18:119mm said:

    Ashka. If you want to argue, then start throwing me some facts. Otherwise, I don't give a shit. LoL is completely free, but some people want to spend money, because they love the game.