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[CL League of Legends Tournament] Loldcup NA Series

  1. #506712013-03-15 23:13:38DarkChaplain said:

    Both your knowledge and experience must be ridiculously limited if you can't see that Dota2 is a massively more complex game that takes a LOT more practice, better timing and coordination. There are many layers that Dota2 offers that simply are not available with LoL.

  2. #506732013-03-15 23:32:21 *Kirlyte said:
    @Ashkachan League is declining in popularity? This is news to me.

    July becomes #1 played game in the world, with 3 million users playing at any given time.

    October over 1.1 million concurrent viewers watching the Season finale with over 8.2 million unique. To compare, Dota 2's The Invitational 2 peaked at 567k concurrent.

    Again in October. 12 million players active daily, 32 million per month. Peak WoW Subscriptions: 12 million in all.

    Dota 2 only hit 180k concurrent players in December. That's a huge difference.

    League currently on rise in Korea, passing Starcraft.

    Sadly most recent statistics I could find were October, but rest assured League hasn't suddenly lost a large portion of its playerbase over the course of a few months, especially with more hype around the competitive scene than ever before

    Other assertions are equally absurd, Riot is probably one of the most active developers in the industry. New champions and skins come out regularly. Patches are very timely, circle of nerfs and buffs neverending. Recently overhauled game for Season 3 as well. This site (Not belonging to devs) hasn't been updated past January, but shows patches at LEAST once every two weeks. The idea that they need to "work on the game more" is absurd. They keep a regular patch schedule, hotfixing when needed. They also have 111 heroes vs. 110 in the original DotA, and (I believe) 98 currently in Dota 2. It can hardly be said that they're slacking on their development cycle.

    Every single bit of game-changing feature is available for free, with the ability to get them within a reasonable timeframe. The only downside here is that champions/heroes can take a while to collect as compared to Dota 2, but the game is very very far from pay-to-win like you seem to suggest.

    The only valid part of this has been that many consider Dota 2 more challenging. (I've tried both, I'm inclined to agree with this on a personal level but that may just be me finding it difficult to transition from the known to the unknown.) Challenge is not always the most important part of the game, either. The rest of it is simply false and the fact that you retaliated and reinforced your position once someone corrected you on it only makes it worse.

    Edit: What do you know, new statistics just came out today. 5 million online at any given time. What a large decrease from the 3 million in June, LoL is really on the decline here.
  3. #506752013-03-15 23:42:059mm said:

    @DarkChaplain oh yeah? I don't see any major Dota players doing so well in league scene. Same reason why SC players are not better Warcraft players, kendo players are not better fencing players. Every games/sports have their own niche and subtle things that can only be mastered by practicing for a long period of time. Dota is just different from league and vise versa. If Dota really is a lot more complex than league, then I should see a lot more Dota players mastering the game, instead of bitching and moaning about the mechanics.

    I played Dota for a few months during my off time from league. I admit, Dota is a fun game. It has mechanics that are far different from league, which makes the game interesting. But the slow response time made the game really frustrating at start. But after 3 months, I learned all the mechanics and the game felt natural. It wasn't necessarily hard to master, because I had fun going through trial and error.

    Then I went back to league after 7 months of playing Dota.

    Nothing really changed in league, to be honest. The game felt 'easy', because csing was a breeze compare to Dota and I no longer had to worry about playing against fed antimage. But I was not 'better' at league, because league got its own shit to worry about. The game just has a different nuance. It is faster paced, believe it or not, and there are mechanics that doesn't exist in Dota.

    Dota is not exactly a hard game, if you take your time to learn it. And league is not exactly an easier game, because it has lesser mechanics than Dota.

    They are just different.

    Chu8, formal high Elo Dota and HoN player jumped into league scene about 2 years ago, because league is more rewarding. Chu8's team also played league of legends, but only the chu8 achieved high Elo in the new front. He said in stream, everyone can master the mechanics, but no one can master the game.

  4. #506792013-03-16 01:02:319mm said:

    can we just delete all the none-related posts? since Ashka wanted to make this thread completely off topic

  5. #507572013-03-17 16:20:18Lycan said:

    I would like to add a team as well, I just haven't been at my computer yet. I'll get in contact with some people and hopefully force the creation of two teams.