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Saints Row IV: Reviews! Game is AWESOME!

  1. #630112013-08-27 09:34:25 *Kirn said:

    While I had internet failure at the time and couldn't brag about it on chat, yesterday night I finished Saints Row 4.

    Now, the game certainly has points that aren't too good, at least for me. For example, the gameplay, while changed somewhat with addition of superpowers, stayed the same, and it's pretty much same do the challenges -> get more territory kind of a thing. With collecting collectibles. Quite a lot of them. This is pretty much the base of games like this, but it does feel tedious at times.
    Also, I am not sure how others feel about this, but I really didn't expect the fight against the aliens go like it went. Let's say I really expected more of Battlefield Earth and less of a Matrix so you would know what I mean. And that really adds to my first point. We are fighting aliens, but we are doing pretty much the same thing we always do. In the same setting even. Now, the game has proper alien battles, some of which are really epic (I will talk about it in a bit), but I really feel like there should have been more of them.
    I also had a few glitched and crashes, but that maybe be because I pirated the game, so I can't really complain about that, and that stuff wasn't too major.

    Now, saying all that, the game is good. Otherwise I wouldn't have finished it. The main reason being the very style of the game. Over the top, guns blazing, but at the same time not overly serious and very light-hearted. With a lot of swearing and violence. What else can we ask for?
    Also, while I mentioned points that were tedious for me, the game actually does a good work to address those points. For example, right now there is no more reason for you to stop doing quests and just take time to conquer more of the map for a simple reason of every location to challenge, conquer or take out is tied to a side-quest from one of the characters. It's nothing much, just a short line for each location and the reward in the end, however it adds to the sense of purpose. Plus, as you get 'collectibles radar' pretty early, this whole deal allows you to pace yourself very well - you get the quest, you do the challenge during that quest, you take part of the map to yourself, you gather collectibles on that part of the map, you move on. That's how I did it, and it felt more balanced for me.
    The setting itself, while not something I expected, provides for the gameplay. And allows to create all sorts of weird things without saying 'no, that couldn't be happening even in this game!' Well, it can. And I will say, the game developers really used the possibilities of the setting to the max. And yes, that's 100% more Shaundi! So, really, points for making the best of the idea. I never could really predict what would happen at any time in the story, and I count that as a big plus.
    And one more thing that I just have to mention, that was a huge plus for me. The music. Saints love the music. And, it being a game about over-glorified street gang, one would really expect there to be a lot of rap or dubstep or some of that shit (there is a fucking dubstep gun in the game, after all). But no. During the normal gameplay, you can pick your radio station, and I usually listened to some rock music, so that was okay. But the greatest thing was the music for the most epic moments, and those are really damn good songs that are extremely appropriate and create great feeling of the moment. Those of you who already started the game, heard the nuke music, made the connection and most likely laughed your asses off. And there are other moments like this. Hey, we highjacked an alien ship and are being chased! What's the first thing we do? Find the fucking radio in that thing! Yep.
    And this was the most special treat for me - at the very end, during the final and most epic battle with alien forces, the music signifying obtaining the greatest epicness of the whole game... is the music I recently linked in one of my threads to taunt you all bastards. So yeah, you can fucking imagine, how I felt when that started playing. And I have the fucking save, so I am replaying that part again soon!

    Overall - a very good game. And hell, what other game can you remember that shamelessly parodies Mass Effect 2 and looks good doing that?

  2. #631032013-08-30 07:10:00DarkChaplain said:

    Get the fuck out with your major story spoilers. If you want to discuss spoilers, at least read the god-damn FAQ and Guides and format them with proper Spoiler tags.

    But nope, just get out of here.

  3. #746552014-05-02 11:20:10Kirn said:

    Nice video that. Well, I don't always agree with looking too deep into such things, really, but if the game makes people want to think deep about it.. Well, that's some sort of win for the game there already )