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  1. "BREAKING: Girls Play Video Games, Local [US] News Discovers"

    #509162013-03-19 10:18:52 *DarkChaplain said:

    I sadly can't embed the video since it ain't on Youtube at this point, but please click the above link to check out a video collage of the news regarding Gamer Girls, filmed in 2013(!)

    It is shocking how out of touch the media is... OHMYGOD! GIRLS PLAY GAMES NOW!

    Girls? Playing VIDEO games? YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT.

    With the type of breathless astonishment usually reserved for miracles and alien sightings, local news channels across the country decided to report on the Major League Gaming tournaments in Dallas last weekend with the best angle possible: HOLY SHIT DID YOU KNOW THAT GIRLS PLAY VIDEO GAMES NOW?

    Kotaku video editor Chris Person has put together a super-cut of the footage. You can watch it in all of its glory above. For the love of the game.

    Note that these reports were all filmed in 2013, as opposed to, say, 1996.

  2. #509172013-03-19 10:44:09Kirn said:

    Holy fucking jumping Jesus! The sighted actual fucking girls playing fucking video-games! FUCK! That's groundbreaking!

  3. #509182013-03-19 10:50:27DarkChaplain said:

    Come the fuck on, I only ever hear girls complain about their shitty laptops overheating whenever they try to even play minesweeper!
    The only way those girls might "game" would be on their fancy iphones and ipads, Simpsons Tapped Out or Bejeweled!


    But yeah, I expect even more shitty gaming-sexism debates to come of this. These sexism debates surely are the top thing of 2012/13. A really strong buzzword that makes it hard being a bystander or not giving a fuck about sarkesians.

  4. #509192013-03-19 10:54:31Kirn said:

    Well, you know it is true when it's in the fucking news. The world is changing... Century ago we didn't have to care if girls have orgasms or not, and now we have to accept then into our gamer fucking ranks! What is happening with the world?!

  5. #509242013-03-19 12:17:01Cloud-VK said:

    This REALLY is ground breaking news … aw man does this mean its wrong for me to tee bag people online after I humiliate them?

  6. #509302013-03-19 16:36:09InsaneBoredGame said:

    This is utterly unbelievable. There is no way that girls actually play video games. What do they want us to believe next? That they enjoy comic books?

  7. #509482013-03-19 21:08:28PureCarnage said:

    Ohh wow. Girl gamers? You mean all the friends I have on xbox live that sound like females that I've been playing with for years are actually female gamers? Wow. . . . comes to show how stupid news channels can be these days.

  8. #510302013-03-21 10:18:06wanderlust said:

    I remember back when I was in high school, and playing DotA was a trend, there was this group of 10 badass girls who kicked butts in beating all the boys at DotA.

    and I've seen a couple where the girl got mad and ragequit after her boyfriend cause her to lose her game in DotA...

    and yeah, most of my irl "girl" friends are hardcore gamers...

  9. #510692013-03-21 22:56:33TWDeath said:

    hmmm at my school there are clubs for video and rpg games and theres alot of girls so this shows that this news channel has probally nothing beter to do

  10. #517262013-03-30 18:40:19--Jack-- said:

    Whoa...big surprise.. Girls can like videogames....yeah, they're kind of PEOPLE that way...duh! People shouldn't be so shocked.