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  1. Colorless User Projects — Advertising & Feedback Thread

    #509212013-03-19 12:10:16 *DarkChaplain said:

    Following on from the Colorless Youtube Whoring Thread, and seeing the Tumblr! thread getting bumped with new blogs again, I thought it might be a nice idea to make this thread.

    "DC...", I thought to myself, "why don't you make a thread for people to present their Channels, Blogs, Soundclouds, DeviantArts, Websites and all kinds of other interwebz stuff in?"

    And then I remembered the outro Jesse Cox puts at the end of most of his videos - "Advertise Like Shameless Whores", the biggest advice he gives people who ask him how to get popular and get your creations recognized by a larger audience. You can hear the full remix of his advice up there in the header.

    Be it as it may, his advice is sound, and there's been A LOT of advertising of projects on CL,
    from simply showing pictures on DeviantArt to @Jake's countless "look at ma new youtube video" threads. @Gargron presented his Internet Service Provider Rating & Review Project just a short while ago, and that other guy trying to be recognized as a League of Legends caster.

    There's a lot going on outside of CL for our users, and some of them have very interesting projects running that might appeal to you, you and you there near the door.

    Why not give them a room to be absolutely shameless about their advertising, without backlash or ridicule?

    So here we are.
    I hope this can grow as a bit of a hub and workshop for people to get their work recognized and for others to find things they might enjoy.
    On the other hand I'd like this thread to encourage people to start some projects of their own.

    There are a few rules for this thread, and you'd better follow them, since I will be deleting pretty much anything that violates them!

    I'll split this into two sections; one for people wanting to advertise something, and another for people wanting to comment and share constructive criticism.


      If you can't even make an effort presenting your project, people will assume that it isn't worth checking out in the first place!
    • You may ONLY present and advertise projects you are PERSONALLY involved in!
      No advertising of other people's channels, art, kickstarters, blogs or whatever.
    • New people who have not participated on the forum yet and/or show up without a gravatar are not allowed to advertise their projects yet.
      We want you to be part of the overall community and have some sort of footing on the site before presenting your off-site creations and work. I may let this slide if you participate a lot on chat, however, but want to encourage you to check out the rest of the forum regardless.
    • No advertising of specific Forum threads, whether they be on CL or outside.
      Advertising your website w/ available forum is permitted, however.
    • Do not Spam.
      Every project deserves ONE post on this thread, unless major revisions that warrant a new post/update have been made in the meantime.
    • Present your Project in a compact, understandable way.
      Make sure people can grasp what you are trying to advertise, be clear about the goals and purpose of your thing and try to avoid textwalls if possible.
    • Do not post multiple videos.
      The maximum amount of videos allowed to present your Project / Channel is ONE, unless your project is extremely diverse. However, unless you talk to me first and receive my approval, do not post more than one video.
    • Do not post more than two pictures about your project.
      Images and videos are the easiest way to clutter a post, so keep it limited. Post what is essential to your presentation and link the rest.
    • Do not bitch about criticism!
      If you feel the replies you are receiving are bad and unconstructive, flag the post (if possible) or PM me and I'll take care of it.
    • Do not try to present obviously sexual, work-unsafe content
      Depending on the grade of nsfw content, you are still allowed to advertise it, but not with nsfw imagery. Keep it tame!
    • Advertised Blogs need to have at least some sort of general topic(s) they follow!

    Commentators & Critics

    • Stay civil and constructive! No unreasonable bs about people's projects.
      If you find something of low quality, comment on the project and give your opinion in a civilised manner and offer advise — "Your project is bad and you should feel bad" is not valid advice and will be deleted unless helpful advice follows.
    • Append your comments and criticism to the actual post presenting the project!
      Do not post an individual post at the end of the thread, but click the post's creation date to get to the post's subpage. That way, replies will appear below the post you are referring to, which reduces clutter and keeps the thread focused.
    • Check out Projects that appeal to you
    • Don't be a dick.
    • If you notice something offensive, unconstructive or nsfw, report it to me)
  2. #509272013-03-19 14:23:53Gargron said:

    I'll get it started then, with my favourite project:


    What is it? A&C is an escrow-type platform for art commissions with the primary focus on saving time, adding security and maintainability.

    Say what? Traditionally art commissions is a shady mess of a business. You hear about bad clients who run off with the money and about artists who never deliver, after years. You want to commission something specific? Good luck googling for it and browsing through thousands of deviantArt journals, tumblr posts and forum threads. Oh, and if you find something that you like, you'll have to find how to contact the artist, go through e-mail hell, and.. You get the idea.

    So A&C changes that? Yep. Finding an artist you like is a matter of clicking "Next" a few times (or when using tag and budget search, even less). Commissioning the artist is a matter of clicking "Commission artist" and laying out your request in a nifty form.

    Exchanging messages, files and payments happens on one single page. The process is optimized for maximum convenience with maximum security for both parties. You maintain an overview of all your commissions and all the important data.


    Customer testimonials

    A smooth process that I am genuinely pleased with and look forward to using again!

    - @DSP

    The simplicity and friendliness of A&C's interface makes it convenient to offer, find or buy a job. It also facilitates conversation between the artist and the client to help work out the finer details.

    - Anya Fennec

    Artists and Clients is an amazing source of talented people ready to deliver a unique piece of art. Try it once and you will never look elsewhere.

    - Frederik J. Vos

    Press coverage

    Older threads on The Colorless

  3. #511712013-03-23 13:14:17Taro_Tanako said:

    I really love this thread and wish I had something to contribute. I shall think about being all creative and stuff! The only thing I'm doing outside school right now is kinda writing a zine for a zinefest thing that might not even happen...

  4. #512162013-03-24 11:07:32Noodle said:

    I may shamelessly advertise in here once I'm involved in a project not entirely focused on a Swedish audience.

  5. #512192013-03-24 11:48:27deng said:

    I love that song lol. Well, If we're advertizing, I'm just going to drop this here click That's a place I practice my writing skills. Testing out how things I write sound and feel. It's easier when people try and communicate with the character.

    PS It's facebook, because it's easy to interact with the one posting.

  6. #517702013-03-31 15:49:19deng said:

    Well, @DarkChaplain I read the rules and stuff, this is really the shortest full extent of explanation I can think of a project I'm doing myself. The only point which you may be unhappy about would be "MAKE AN EFFORT!", which... Make it compact, and make an effort? This is the most compact understandable way to present that particular project.

    Not happy? Okay.

  7. #517672013-03-31 12:26:57Jake said:

    Hello to all. I am the youtuber JH134. A few off you on this site may remember my many attempts (failures to be honest) to get peopleto check my channel out. So to me this is a great opopportunity to tell you about my channel. It is a very diverse channel. I babbled in a bit or amv making, not the best probably the worst but I tried. I make montages gor call of duty, I started with my phone in the start of the original black ops and now I have a hd recorder. I also do lets plays and my latest one is on the new simcity, but I have a range from crash bandicoot to shoot em ups. So if any off you are bored one day go to my channel JH134 Thank you for reading