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  1. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Reviews Out - Don't Buy!

    #509682013-03-20 11:21:52 *DarkChaplain said:

    Reviews to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct are popping up, though Metacritic is slower than usual to take them into account (hardly unexpected, considering...), and review sites pretty much agree on one thing:


    Yet another Game proving that preordering a game does not benefit the consumer enough to make up for the inherent risks of receiving a really dreadful product.

    Even more obvious than with Aliens: Colonial Marines, games journalists are quick to point out just how BLATANT this Cash Grab really is. Here are some finishing lines from the POLYGON REVIEW:

    Playing Survival Instinct is like listening to a roomful of barely competent musicians, each of whom is playing a completely different song. And every once in a while one kicks you in the groin. Also, you have a sunburn.

    The tide has begun to turn for licensed games thanks to great efforts like those from Telltale, Rocksteady's Batman franchise and others. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is the exact sort of lazy, cheap cash-grab that gave licensed games a bad name in the first place. To put a slightly less nostalgic twist on an old cliche: They don't make 'em like this anymore.

    For all of our sakes, let's hope they never do again.


    Turns out the FIRST GAMEPLAY TRAILER from January was quite prophetic of the Game's quality...


    There you have it, folks. No matter how big a fan you might be of The Walking Dead, you wouldn't even want to pirate this game, so bad is it. Don't drop cash or time on it.

  2. #509762013-03-20 14:47:48DarkChaplain said:

    Too many, I'm afraid.
    As of right now, it is #17 on Steam's Topsellers list, and was at least up to #5 after release. Not as bad as The War Z, which sadly still is on #38 after the relaunch, and launched at #1 and needed a couple of days of drama to go out of the top 10.

  3. #509982013-03-20 23:47:14Maryam said:

    The popularity of the show is a huuuge factor as to why it initially did so well. It has around 12.3 million viewers which is the most for any show on television right now. Fans of the comic must have been excited it about it as well. There is a talk show solely to discuss the show. A fucking talk show. AMC is indubitably making bank with both The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad but the game evidently still sucks. It doesn't need to be great, people will buy it regardless. I considered buying it before people realized it was terrible,even.

  4. #510352013-03-21 13:19:45deng said:

    This one might be bull crap, but there was this other game based on the walking dead universe, that one was pretty amazing.

  5. #510412013-03-21 15:35:04megumi-tan said:

    There was another game (like deng had said, i think this is it) that I really enjoyed, though that doesnt mean its a good game :V. It was more of a story type than an action, and the graphics were a bit odd to me. If you are a fan of the series, I would suggest playing it if you haven't by now. It might have made me cry a few times....




  6. #510542013-03-21 19:38:59DarkChaplain said:

    Megumi is on the money; TellTale Games' The Walking Dead series is stellar.
    The cell-shaded style, which she finds so odd, is supposed to emulate the Graphic Novel style, btw.

    The 5-episode series is less than half the price of Survival Instinct, and full of emotion and great writing. If anything, pick that one up

  7. #514132013-03-27 06:12:45Delight said:

    Wow, seeing more and more preorders stinging customers hard is really, really turning me off the whole idea. I don't think I'll be preordering anything for a while!