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  1. Danish humor - The swimming facility changing room debate

    #513302013-03-26 05:26:27 *Rune said:

    "Do you know where I can find some small nude boys, not´╗┐ under any supervision?"

    Turn on the captions!

    So, this video is about the debate on whether or not children above the age of 6 should be allowed in changing rooms. The argument is that 7-year-old boys, as soon as they turned 7, had begun to become sexual and women became concerned about these perverts staring at them while they were changing.

    On the other spectrum, people think that the rule is awful and there was a story of a mother who had her 7-year-old removed from the changing rule. The opponents of this ruling called this "Obscenity Hysteria".

    In this video, we join Signe Molde-Amelung as she interviewed mothers, a sexologist, and even a real 7-year-old boy, to find out the very objective view from all the sides of the argument.

    Now, just in case you are dense, this video is a satire. But also, it shows a very good example of a "Danish humor". To put it simply, it's a humor where 'politically-correct' is non-existent and in fact when taken out of context, or even IN context, could be very offensive to people who are unaware of the culture.

    But of course, this is the tamer version which can still be found in America's talk shows. Wait till you hear about the Muhammad cartoons... (Oh wait, you have?)