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  1. #51542012-01-08 15:11:05Noodle said:


    In 30 years, drug addict. I will have risen to the ranks of THE REAPER

    Picture not in IRL thread though.

  2. #51672012-01-08 15:59:12Maryam said:

    @SENsei Welcome back. That's hilarious. Just embrace the fact that you'll live life without facial hair. Even if you take it from your pubes, those are still pubic hairs.

  3. #76672012-01-19 16:16:07 *Dante_Butler said:

    in 20 years i will still do ironic duckface poses http://www.in20years.com/shared/7/ager/1201193/aged_wb20120119101519463612.png

    aw gawd that is fugly as hell

    ...i don't look a single year older FUCKY YEAH