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  1. Are you ready for charity?

    #51832012-01-08 18:12:41Gargron said:

    I am considering an idea. An idea to attempt to change the world once again, at least for some people. A charity drive, in which we do things to make as many people as possible donate as much as they can, and forward the money to a charity organization. Charity organizations can provide various productive animals to poor families all around the world -- chicken produce eggs, goats produce milk, sheep produce wool - we all know that thanks to Minecraft. But before I start discussing it seriously with the staff, making it a real campaign, I need to know:

    Are you ready to participate?

  2. #52112012-01-08 19:48:42Gargron said:

    7 people have voted yes so far. That seems really low, but: that might be 7 goats. Or 7 chicken. 7 families potentially saved.

    I hope we will have more next morning though.

  3. #52242012-01-08 20:49:24eterno said:

    Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who don't believe in the 'little things matter' idea. I don't believe in donating money. They're too versatile.

  4. #52272012-01-08 21:26:26VivoDePyre said:

    I might be able to contribute some, but I think charity only has limited applications. However, I like Oxfam. It does some pretty good stuff, and doesn't just throw a money band-aid on the problem. If you were to get it up and running, you could expect a little bit off money from my end.

  5. #52382012-01-08 22:27:50 *Viral said:

    I would love to do a charity. I personally like to donate to Oxfam, St. Judes, and some school charities. I don't know how we would do it, but I think it would be funny if we did something like Desert Bus for Hope or Speed Gaming for something.

  6. #52632012-01-09 00:30:31megumi-tan said:

    i am!!! but you know what is strange? from what i have seen, people who have very little, seem to be more thankful for the little stuff they have then the rich people are thankful for all the stuff they have. sometimes we take what we have for granted. i know i have before.

  7. #52672012-01-09 00:46:41eterno said:

    @Gargron How'd you do that? That's neat!

    I don't know either but I do believe in desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm just saying that all these charities go to waste because we're giving it little by little than actually tackling the problem all at once. It's like these charities are designed to delay the problem and not to solve the problem. I think we should be more specific and find the root of the problem and solve it. That's how most problems are solved anyway. My suggestion is to use the money as a mean, not the end (in other words, invest it)

  8. #52682012-01-09 00:53:15Gargron said:

    @eterno You can go to a post's own page by clicking on its date. There you can reply to it directly. We are still thinking about the styling though :)

    And regarding investments, with what I am thinking, we would be investing in goats. Or chicken. And these animals produce food for a long time, so I think it's a good investment.

    I understand your point, but that is something only the Really Big Guys can do, and unfortunately it's not always the right people up there.

  9. #54842012-01-09 21:09:29Mairu said:

    If you can verify the charity for certain and MAKE SURE THT THE MONEY GETS THERE, I will donate. I need clear clarification due to so many who claim to "give the money to animal shelters" or "work with Red Cross/Salvation Army."

  10. #55202012-01-09 22:39:24Gargron said:

    It will most likely be Oxfam and we will most likely go for goats or chicken for poor families. Clarification: For the money that we give, Oxfam provides goats/chicken to poor families; these animals then produce food (milk/eggs).

    If this campaign should come to life, I will be sure to e-mail Oxfam and ask for details! I would, for example, want to see the actual goats when they arrive. I would probably even name them if I could, w

  11. #78542012-01-20 10:50:52eterno said:

    @Gargron Well, it is better than nothing.

    It's still not quite the solution though, it's only 'buying time' for these people.

    You know, what if we try to start with hiring people instead under CL. After all, charity doesn't have to be always about sending food to some African countries. We could start by giving the homeless in the first world jobs that only us can give.

    You know, I have this concept of having some sort of a meeting place for people (young people especially) in public places. You know, like, we have some sort of hub where people can just talk about whatever. Like Facebook or Internet Forum but IRL.

    I came up with this idea when I was in Vegas by the way. You see, I saw a bunch of deserted Teenagers bored to death while their parents are blowing their college money. If only they could talk to other similiarly fated people in Vegas...

    And that's where the hobos came in, they could be the mediator for these people (especially because they seem to be talking to people all the time). Then, to keep them paid, we can put ads on these hubs for revenue. Also, we might want to have a computer for people to sign up to CL.

    You see, my reasoning for this is simple really, why waste money on 'temporary fixes in Africa' while we could improve lives in our doorstep? In fact later on, the revenues could go to Africa and we'd have better chance of a permanent fix this time.

    Yeah, sounds crazy I guess...