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Are you ready for charity?

  1. #1119882017-09-15 22:50:24Inia said:

    A21's doing a Walk for Freedom on October 14th. Given that it's part of the End It coalition, and they're proven to make a real difference all around the world, I would say it's a solid cause to start with, at least. Human trafficking is something that very few people are aware of, and between raising awareness and rescue operations, you wouldn't just be slapping a bandaid on symptoms, but helping out in providing solutions and giving people a chance at a happy life. This isn't something that simply affects 3rd world countries either. I live 10 minutes from a place that was busted for trafficking. There are plenty of locations in the US that have very recently been busted. From what I understand, Russia's becoming a big trafficking hotspot as well. As for 3rd world countries, it's sadly common for their own people to sell them out to slavery. Giving them food is nice, but how about rescuing victims from exploitation? There are worse things than starving to death.