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  1. Shizaya, Love it or Hate it?

    #51892012-01-08 18:34:49 *KidaKidaMasaomi said:

    I just want to see if people like Shizaya, I guess it's cute, but I hate it, Izaya hates Shizuo and Shizuo hates Izaya, that's how I see it.

  2. #52082012-01-08 19:37:35AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I hate it. They hate each other so that pairing would never work out for me. In a weird sense, their hate for each other could be seen as love, but I don't see it that way.

  3. #52362012-01-08 22:21:50KAGAMI said:

    They hate each other, but it's cute, and I'm always up for a hate-love( hate-hate probably ) relationship ( ^u^ '' )

  4. #52422012-01-08 22:52:39 *Momimochi said:

    Let's face it. Narita wrote a yaoi for them himself. There's no way out of the couple now. They are by far the most canon (because of that damned Bacon Lettuce). Even though I prefer IzaNami so much more.

  5. #52892012-01-09 01:49:12TalTal said:

    No. They hate each other, They want to see each other dead, not nekkid. (Pshhh, no I'm not being a biased Izanami shipper) Plus, should't this be in the Durarara General thread?

  6. #55472012-01-09 23:56:43Momimochi said:

    Legit pairings: IzaNami ShinraXCelty MikadoXAnri KasukaXRuri AobaXKururi (Shut up. I like that pairing) MikageXAoba's brother. Forgot his name. Yes, it's weird and all but... WalkerXErika

    Pairings that I don't support because I probably hate one of the characters: ShizuoXVorona. I don't know. I hate Vorona. A lot. KidaXSaki. Even if they're canon, much to my dismay, I hate Saki with every fiber in my body. It's her character in general.

  7. #55522012-01-10 00:09:41pepakurara said:

    The thing about Shizaya I hate is that it's such an obvious pairing, even the author promotes the pair in their story. I don't know maybe it's me. I like Izaya x Mikado or Mikado x Aoba those are my OTP

  8. #55692012-01-10 00:35:51Momimochi said:
    Fuck me if Narita does. Hell no. He probably supports ShizuoXVorona at this point in the game (Holy shit, the novel and the overflow of hints hurts me so bad). Plus, he actually tried to... Err... "Lessen up" the "tension" between Izaya and Shizuo by making
    Spoiler (Show)
    Shizuo ignore Izaya for Vorona and making Izaya tell Namie that he's jealous of Shizuo's "ability to attract and make friends" with people while he himself can't.

    Well, that obviously backfired and made the couple much more canon in the eyes of the fujoshi. Now Shizuo's the sadistic seme who likes to tease his uke while Izaya is the "needy" and "tsundere" uke.