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  1. [PSA] Boku no Pico

    #519592013-04-02 22:02:44 *DarkChaplain said:

    Since it has happened again today, I am making this Public Service Announcement in a separate thread.

    It has been a long-running trollfest to suggest and recommend Boku no Pico to pretty much every user (especially new ones) who ask for help, anime/manga recommendations or just about anything.
    This thing has become so widespread that it now has meme status on the internet, and, worst of all, lost all its charme, cleverness or even entertainment value.

    From here on out, as long as I remain a moderator on CL, I will ban each and everyone I see recommending Boku no Pico anywhere on the forum for at least 3 hours, more depending on the exact circumstances.

    Come on, people. At least TRY to be helpful instead of falling back into the same old pattern every time.

    It had its time, but this ship has sailed long ago. It is neither funny nor productive nor in any way helping the user.
    I am sure you could come up with helpful advice within another 10 seconds of thinking. Make at least that little effort, please.

  2. #519652013-04-02 22:22:08momo said:

    @Kirlyte Just because it is not always better doesn't mean it is thus always equal or worse. I'll err on the side of quantity.

    Also Coco is mai husbando

  3. #519882013-04-03 01:05:22 *Mau said:

    Boku no Pico is overdone, almost every kind of anime recommendation thread has no doubt had somebody mention Boku no Pico at least once. Its basically become the common smartass response, while banning may seem extreme, its pretty tiring seeing people bring it up all the time.
    What get's me is just how uncreative it is, no even tries anymore.
    At least try something new is all I'm saying.

    Though, I can see where you're coming from.
    Banning is kind of extreme, but what else can be done? Telling people to cut it out only inspires them to do it more as shown above, and did I mention that its just really uncreative and boring?
  4. #520022013-04-03 03:29:20 *Mau said:
    Now that I've actually sat down and thought about it after my post before this one, and actually put my bias/annoyance with how overused it is aside.
    I have to say you are actually right, and I have to change my stance on this.
    Doing this would actually chase users away, and while I wish people would be more creative with their smartass quips (my kingdom for someone to joke recommend "Agony in Pink").
    Though 3 hours wouldn't kill you, give you time to do your work. (I jest)
    And as I said before, I do think the whole banning thing is harsh.

    I just wish this meme would die altogether, but I guess people can't help what they find funny, no more than I can.

    Can we stay civil tho guys?
    No bite me's and name calling necessary.
    Last thing we need is for this to dissolve into bullshit, even though its kind out there already.
  5. #520672013-04-03 11:58:30awkwardangels said:

    This is like banning people for memes like Gangnam Style, Herlem Shake, le meme faces xDDDD, etc.

    Those will likely never go away. The Boku no Pico joke has died down since it first started, I remember when it did. Most users here browse 4Chan (me included) and this is extreme just for a silly meme. Younger members who don't know any better will just go away altogether.

    Like I typed before, might as well ban people for mentioning the Herlem Shake.

  6. #520702013-04-03 12:02:24Mau said:
    Harlem Shake.
    And honestly? I'd take Boku no Pico, over goddamn Harlem Shake, considering shit has nothing to do with the actual Harlem Shake or Harlem for that matter.
    Its like playing Polka and calling it Salsa. :P
    But that's neither here no there.

    But yeah.
    I'm actually for @RenPikaaa's suggestion
  7. #519912013-04-03 01:37:44 *Momimochi said:

    Lol 3 hours isn't that extreme. It's CL. Not like this is the only site you go on.

    Though... If it is... Use that time to go out and do some activities that's good for you instead of lazing in front of the computer!

    You also lead a sad life if that's the case

  8. #519932013-04-03 01:40:44squareof3 said:
    I actually agree with DC on this one (Which is less of a surprise than it would suggest). Anyway this joke is really overplayed even though I'm sure you could find more than one occasion of me doing it. My problem with it is that well it is just really and i mean REALLY annoying. Banning may seem extreme, but like @DarkChamplain and @Maudia have already stated what other alternative is there? Oh and @awkwardangels I don't see how DC would be "abusing his power as a mod when he is doing something that is for the betterment of the site?
  9. #520562013-04-03 07:51:38Jacek said:

    As long as I exist in this world (and let's face it, unless a meteor comes crashing down on my house I ain't going anywhere), Boku no Pico will stay alive.

  10. #520572013-04-03 08:15:20Kirn said:

    Well, let's see here... I think I made this joke a few times on CL... even more, I actually managed to do that joke successfully, when the guy actually went and youtubed the vile thing... which game me much joy, but that happened on the other site anyhow.

    Anyways, in me opinion, the easiest way would be to have a thread where we could direct those poor souls seeking for new anime... I remember sometimes we had threads about announced new animes this season... something like that.. Otherwise it would tire people out to answer all those similar questions about anime and we will get back to Bocu no Pico.

  11. #520642013-04-03 11:46:17Noodle said:

    Three hours may be a bit brutal, yes. If the user is warned first I don't see why it would be wrong to ban a user for a little while. Being banned for an hour isn't that much of a big deal.

    Don't use that shitty joke, please.

    You refuse?

    Well Enjoy your next hour away from this unhealthy memefest you so obviously are addicted to.

    We could save lives. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  12. #520652013-04-03 11:54:15RenPikaaa said:

    Wouldn't it just be better to let them know and delete their post ? Instead of banning. In all honesty, unless they're repeatedly posting boku no pico, then there would be no point banning them. Deleting the post would probably be the most sensible approach.

  13. #520742013-04-03 12:38:46awkwardangels said:

    DC all in honesty you should talk to the other mods and Warlock before making silly threads threatening to ban people for mentioning Boku no Pico. (Jesus christ i thought id never type something like that.) This isn't a rule on here as far as I know, other mods likely won't follow suit... So uh.

  14. #521042013-04-03 22:38:23 *Cloud-VK said:

    CL = laid back back community of mixed interests.

    Dictatorship, oligarchy, monarchy, or democracy.

    CL isn't clearly anything but, what we are.

    Mods are there for our good, so whatever.

    Magna suggestion threads like this don't pop up often enough for this to be a real issue. So I don't get the big deal, If this is over the powers of the mods. Then that's between our reigning admin and them.

    3 hours won't kill anyone. Anyway.