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  1. Post Your Lolis IRL imgs

    #520032013-04-03 03:32:23 *jkripper123 said:

    THESE ARE MY LOLLI. Post pictures of the lollies in your life. and like this thread if you like any of the lollicons you see including mine

  2. #520052013-04-03 03:42:47 *Mau said:
    Lolicon doesn't mean what you think it means.
    When you're referring to THEM (the girls in the picture) as Lolicons, you're kind of referring to them being sexually attracted to little girls.
    Careful with the wording, unless that's what you meant.
    If that is what you meant...
  3. #520222013-04-03 06:21:48TeruShinozaki said:

    Not that there is anything at all wrong with lolis, I have to admit I am a huge fan of delicious cake myself, but I don't think anyone would be capable of posting pictures of their young, underdeveloped female friends without their consent on a non-anonymous forum on the internet without feeling like a TOTAL FUCKING CREEPER. Soliciting people for it is much worse. It is horrible, and you should feel horrible.

    However, if you MUST feed your insatiable thirst for DFC, there is always Google. Google will never judge you.

  4. #520252013-04-03 06:30:43 *Kirn said:

    So, you actually asked them something like this: "Is it alright if I put your cute pictures with you in your dresses and stocking on the internet and, specifically, on a site full of strange people, some of whom might masturbate while looking at your pictures, so that I could incline them to post similar pictures for me to look at and masturbate?"

    Cause if you didn't - it doesn't count.

  5. #520462013-04-03 06:59:11jkripper123 said:

    i don't need your taint on my threads and you appear to be a scourge to me right now. kirn i would appreciate it if you just avoided me and my threads until the end of the week

  6. #520482013-04-03 07:02:35Kirn said:

    Aha... and I take it, you really did not explain to them all the moral consequences of having their pictures, tagged as lolis, on the internet board, right?

    PS. Nope, fuck you, doesn't work like that. It's your job to try and avoid me now. Have a fun week.

  7. #520512013-04-03 07:13:46jkripper123 said:

    Have a great week kirn i hope you have fun, catch up with friends, and eat good food. I told them what you colorless people might and will do and they accepted. I don't treat people unfairly and i hope one day you will learn respect for your peers.

  8. #520542013-04-03 07:28:18Ecstasy said:

    @jkripper123: Have to ask you to avoid double posting. You can use the edit option next time you forget to say anything or have something to add.
    Take a notice at what other people post and what is interesting for this community. You can check out the most popular tags here.
    It's not a rule, but threads which don't have any actual purpose or don't bring up any serious discussion have to be at least fun. Can see neither in this thread.
    Please, learn from these mistakes.