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    #521472013-04-04 18:14:45 *Cloud-VK said:

    Whether or not they were strangers or close personal friends, or family perhaps. Even though we might not admit it, we have helped someone along the line. I want to hear your stories, just think of a time you really helped someone and talk about it. Let us recognize some of the good reassuring things in life.

    My first thought is of this one time that I gave this homeless man we saw, some food one cold winter morning. My little brother, mother and I were going out to breakfast when we saw the guy standing at an intersection. So since I mom was dead set on not giving the guy money we came back with a full breakfast, a big water bottle, and a bag of mints. Yeah I wasn’t on board with the mint Idea because I found it suggestive. Although I scared the hell out of mom because she just wanted me to drop the bag out the car door. When instead I went up to the guy to personally give the dude his food, and in return got one of the most heartfelt thanks of my life, I just gave me a good feeling. But the real kicker was the fact that on the way home later that evening when we pasted the intersection and the guy was waving at us.

  2. #521572013-04-04 19:19:18 *Ecstasy said:

    I was asked directions in the subway a couple days back. I was a bit lost in my own thoughts, so I pointed the person to the wrong line. Hope she learns to read the goddamn signs after this because they are fucking everywhere in the subway, there's no freaking way to get lost.

  3. #521582013-04-04 19:21:31DarkChaplain said:

    My neighbor came down with a bottle of wine maybe two weeks ago. No, he didn't share it, he asked for a corkscrew... which I couldn't help him with, since I don't own one. Poor guy, I still feel kinda bad about it.

  4. #521592013-04-04 19:27:08Rune said:

    Speaking of giving directions, I once overheard someone asking for directions to another guy. The guy gave him the wrong direction and I just fucking stood there.

    I wished I'd quipped "NO, IT'S TO THE LEFT, NOT STRAIGHT!!!" instead of just walking off...

  5. #521602013-04-04 19:31:30 *Kirn said:

    I try to help this site and its community. Almost every day I wake up thinking how else can I improve the state of CL and the awareness of its people. I have been doing this for 3 years now, never asking for anything in return - no reward, no affirmation even. I guess I am just a good person at heart cause at the end of the day the most important things for me are the changes I make to you and the help I provide, even to those who do not wish for it. Being able to help you, even in smallest way, to improve yourself and see a better path and solution for your problems. And knowing that I do a good work is the only thing I need to feel happy and be able to carry on.

  6. #521612013-04-04 19:32:35megumi-tan said:

    I was at the store in line and had about 10 items in my cart. An elderly lady was behind me holding 2 items (or one. Cant recall) and I told her to step in front of me, since I would take longer and she did so. Then, about 45 sec. Later, another woman cut in front of me with a cart overflowing with stuff and said to the elderly woman " I'm here mom." Then I noticed that the older woman had tricked me. Also, this was an express aisle, so she shouldn't have had that much stuff. It was rather funny though, and the whole thing gave me a bit of a laugh.

    Lesson: Don't help old people they will trick you and make you look like an ass. Even if its just letting them cut you in line.

  7. #521622013-04-04 19:41:50Noodle said:

    I was hangin' out with some friends a few years back. You know, the kind of friends that knows people that knows people that sells drugs. (or if you're American; the friend that sells drugs.)
    We were kind of short on company so I called a guy I barely knew and asked him to come and bring some friends. He came with one classmate and we ended up having a great time. No drugs or alcohol involved.
    A few months later he messaged me saying thanks for introducing him to these people and that it led to him getting to know quite a lot of people.

    Today he drinks, smokes and gets impulse tattoos. He did neither of these before this event.

    Fuck yeah. I'm a horrible person.

  8. #523562013-04-06 18:02:39Cenica said:
    or if you're American; the friend that sells drugs
    So true... In middle school I moved to Florida for the first time and moved back to Indiana a year or so later. During that time I didn't really chat with or write my friends, maybe a letter or two. After I moved back I met a guy I had been friends with. He used to be a really nerdy kid, true teacher's pet. Turns out he was on probation for dealing marijuana and his older girlfriend was pregnant. He said he was going to name the kid Mary Jane. Such is life.

    Also I try to help people with directions but I'm really bad at remembering street and road names so generally I just point. "It's that way." Thus I've taught many people that maps are an indispensible item when traveling.
  9. #523572013-04-06 18:13:05Momimochi said:

    I gave a homeless person a penny.

    .... A penny's worth a shitload, damn it. If you collect a hundred of those, you get a dollar!

  10. #1063332016-08-21 08:25:36masculyn said:

    My guest bedroom has saved a lot of friends in their times of crisis. The most recent has been a friend with a lot of anxiety. My home is quiet, clean, and has a good energy to it. She tends to sleepover whenever she's feeling overwhelmed, and describes herself as feeling refreshed the next morning. I like the feeling of hosting; cooking a friend a meal, giving someone a warm bed to sleep in, talking on the rug while setting up a deck of cards.

  11. #1063632016-08-21 23:58:16Enami said:

    In one of the most savage lines I've been in, I uh moved from my place to let a woman out after she got her turn and wanted to leave, which meant giving up my spot. So basically, I had to wait hours in this awfully hot weather withstanding assholes and being an asshole myself (bc I gotta survive and keep my spot) only to be told time is up when it's almost my turn.... But I had no choice, no one was willing to move an inch for her so I had to be that one idiot.

    Apart from that incident, I don't remember being of particular use to the human race.

  12. #1063662016-08-22 00:38:41Kinnear said:

    I usually give my spare change to any charity boxes I come across. I gave a subway gift card I had in my car to a homeless guy a few weeks ago.

    I usually help people when they ask for my help with something.

    When I was younger I spent a LOT of my time trying to cheer up the friends I had that were suffering from Depression. But that ended up breaking me in the long run, and now I'm pretty apathetic.towards peoples' problems.