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  1. The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D

    #521822013-04-04 23:26:36 *Wolfangle said:

    So basically I wanted CL to have another great project we can do together. I have no skills in editing or anything, not even singing... But you do!! :D

    So this thread is just to get the idea going out, and find a song that most of us could do great in :3


    Youtube Video Holder: @TeaKettIe

    Video Editor:


    Music/Sound Editor: @n1xx and @Momimochi

    Participating List:


















    Personally, I was thinking we could try out this song! :3

    So based on momi's plan, we're not doing parts. We're all gonna sing the whole video out and let the pros edit the rest to make it easy on them. unless you have a problem with it, and really think you can only do a small part or parts

    Lyrical parts:

    (0:00 - 0:28)

    O seven apples on a witch's tree

    With seven seeds to plant inside of me

    In springtime I grew a magic song

    Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone

    (0:28 - 0:50)

    I looked at the world through apple eyes

    And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie

    I danced with the peanut butterflies

    Till time went and told me to say hello but wave goodbye

    (0:51 - 1:21)

    A thousand sugar stars

    Oh put them in a jar

    And then whistle round the world

    Oh whistle round the world

    I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say

    And off I'll go from June to May

    Oh whistling round the world

    (1:28 - 1:49)

    I met a golden swan upon the road

    Who was a handsome prince, so I was told

    I asked it the way to yesterday

    Then I was a sailor, and through the day I sailed away

    (1:50 - 2:18)

    Bluebird seas I sailed

    With mermaids riding whales

    Oh whistle round the world

    Oh whistle round the world

    I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say

    And off I'll go down Wonder Way

    Oh whistling round the world

    (3:10 - 3:30)

    Through apple eyes

    Oh there are rose-coloured skylines

    Where flying silver spoons

    Eat melting marmalade moons

    (3:32 - 3:51)

    Through apple eyes

    I see for millions of miles

    The sun's a diamond shining

    In the nighttime of a summer day

    (3:54 -4:50)

    A thousand sugar stars

    Oh put them in a jar

    And then whistle round the world

    Oh whistle round the world

    I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say

    And off I'll go (I can not stay)

    Oh whistling round the world

    Let's whistle round the world

    Whistle round the world

  2. #521872013-04-04 23:40:19DarkChaplain said:

    Not saying the idea is bad, just that I hope you don't follow Flywalker's footsteps and run off into the sunset when shit gets real

  3. #522062013-04-05 02:08:38n1xx said:

    @Wolfangle & @acostoss:

    I would love to help with audio/video editing if ever those roles are still needed. My work might be somewhat slower at the end of the month, all throughout mid-June, due to final exams. However, if those availabilities are not a problem, then I would be happy to contribute in another Colorless project as an editor. :>

    On another note, please sign me up as a singer!

  4. #522482013-04-05 09:57:41n1xx said:



    I've been very busy with school, work and some volunteering. But now that midterms are done, I have a few weeks to somewhat take things a little easier. :>

    I'll help you with the audio like last time if you really need it.

    And of course I would appreciate the extra help! Your audio mixing skills are very good, so having you on the editing team will obviously help with the project's success. :D

    We also have the choice of separating the work for the audio. As an example, one person can take care of cleaning up the files and verifying the tempo, while the other editor mixes with the resulting quality-checked files. It's only a suggestion though, we'll eventually see if we can separate more work if ever some singers include harmonies in separate files, for instance.

  5. #522012013-04-05 01:21:24 *momo said:

    Alrighty, here's my submission, though I only did the first 1:30, the ED version basically.


    The version I sang to, and the lyrics I used:

    EDIT: I recorded myself 4 times. Three breathy ones at various pitches, and then a fully voiced one at my standard low pitch.

  6. #522042013-04-05 01:35:12 *Wolfangle said:

    @acostoss your link isn't working & ill start getting the lyrics to see how many parts we could split it into tomorrow, unless you guys plan to do another song

  7. #522212013-04-05 04:07:20Viral said:

    Viral shall also attempt. Expect something next week when I'm in school in the recording booth scaring people.

  8. #522232013-04-05 04:13:32TWDeath said:

    I like singing I'll join.

    Hm i could be the Music/Sound Editor if ya want me too even though i have absoulutly no i dea how this will work out HAHAHA.

  9. #522242013-04-05 04:55:28Momimochi said:

    Right, original songs has these nice harmonies. I'm just gonna assume we're gonna just ignore the descants and harmonies because ain't nobody on here can harmonize, okay.