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The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D

  1. #562092013-05-23 16:47:41Taro_Tanako said:

    This is clearly awesome!! So many thank yous to the wonderful folks that put this together..

    Next time I shall try and be more tuneful and less scared

  2. #562152013-05-23 18:23:37Wolfangle said:

    Was gonna do a voice recording of how much i thank you guys for doing this on, but d: i have guests over

    :D but great work everyone, pretty sure everyone must love momi's voice .w. kind of the star of the show ^^ but not singling people out, it was really good! >.< thank you editors for helping to work through this for CL, and i hope we get to do something like this again

  3. #562312013-05-23 23:19:36 *Truchie said:
    We sound like singing angels who are flying on majestic eagles, who are also singing.

    What I mean is, we sound really good!
  4. #562322013-05-23 23:21:48Fieyr said:

    What a fantastic performance! And an amazing job by the editors! I Love it. Thanks everyone for your efforts :)