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The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D

  1. #522332013-04-05 06:31:29crazymexican said:

    i think the best thing for us to do is for each of us to sing the whole song and then each of the and then each of the harmony and backups sepreatly . that way the editors have a good amount of content to splice together. rather than assigning parts to ppl

  2. #524022013-04-07 00:23:28Wolfangle said:

    Someone please tell me how we're gonna organize this..Should we have everyone post whole parts first or assign them small bits first?

    :U im back!!

  3. #524052013-04-07 00:39:34Wolfangle said:

    So basically I wanted CL to have another great project we can do together. I have no skills in editing or anything, not even singing... But you do!! :D

    team work, my niqqa. teamwork!!!

    ok ok, i listed the lyrics on the first post & had them divided..since i don't understand these singing terminologies..can you guys pick which ones you can do best at or would like to and know you can? :3

  4. #524092013-04-07 01:24:51Wolfangle said:

    really all i have for me to do, is edit the thread when needed and try to get us organized :u that's why i assigned some roles, like n1xx & momi doing the sound editing and teakettIe doing being a youtube holder

  5. #524232013-04-07 03:13:52Momimochi said:

    Everyone's gonna sing through the whole thing. It's a goddamn ass to edit that shit and make it sound good when people pick their parts or only do parts of the song. I would know; I edited that last one so I know the feel.

    It's either all or nothing with the exception of that high middle part. Guys, don't even sing that part. I will rip every one of your heads off if you do and do it badly.

  6. #524212013-04-07 02:52:49Truchie said:

    If we are picking our parts, i'll do :28 - :50 part! That way I won't sound like a terrible crack whore that much.

  7. #524622013-04-07 16:05:37deng said:

    I'm thinking of simply singing the whole thing. It's not that much you know... And then just let the editors pick which part to put where, It'll be easier for them as well

  8. #524742013-04-07 19:44:17 *n1xx said:

    From editing experience, as well, I will have to agree with @Momimochi and @deng. It is much quicker and simpler for us audio editors to work with fully recorded files. However, if any of the singers do have a hard time recording a certain segment of the song, then we will surely accept parts of it, instead of full voice files.

    Furthermore, all depending on whether there will be a specific structure to the chorus audio or not, chances are higher for singers to be featured more if they record a full version. Of course, if we only have a few seconds of the song to work with, we'll make sure to feature you as much as possible.

  9. #524772013-04-07 19:52:33Momimochi said:

    And remember back the last chorus when I had to, you know, fill in parts? That's because people didn't do the whole recording. So no.

    If you're gonna sing it, sing the whole damn song.

  10. #524802013-04-07 20:04:10n1xx said:


    If it's all right with you, I can begin cleaning the audio files that will soon be sent in and synchronize them to fit the original tempo of the song. Afterwards, I can send that audio to you for quality-checking and we'll then be ready to discuss roles for chorus mixing. (For the moment, I only have @acostoss's files to work with.)

    You are free to suggest different ideas though, I'm open to suggestions. ;>

  11. #525092013-04-07 23:47:34n1xx said:

    Thank you for the additional information. I'll make sure to verify the levels when comparing them with the others' recordings. :)

  12. #525192013-04-08 01:48:12n1xx said:

    It seems that there are complications with hyperlinks in these sorts of posts. As a result, here are explicit links to each one of those file-hosting websites:

    • Mediafire:
    • 4Shared:
    • DropBox:
  13. #525412013-04-08 13:10:24n1xx said:


    On another note, are you planning on setting a deadline for MP3 submissions or simply letting the project progress at its own pace?

    By experience, both alternatives seem to have worked on this website, with deadlines being the most effective, submission-wise.

  14. #525612013-04-08 17:48:14Wolfangle said:

    i was actually thinking of adding a deadline in the title & on the first post before i saw this d:

    do you think the 17th is good enough?

  15. #527022013-04-09 20:17:39n1xx said:

    The 17th seems like a reasonable deadline. Not too far, yet still some days away. ;>

    If we are still missing some recordings by then, we could send a few reminders and add a small time extension.