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The CL Chorus v99999 Completed! :D

  1. #526432013-04-09 14:18:58Momimochi said:

    Any more of you do 1:30 of the song and I will smack your skulls in. Stop making if harder than it needs to be. Not that hard to comprehend.

  2. #528292013-04-11 01:40:58n1xx said:

    If it is well-timed with your singing, the music in the background will be easily hidden by the added instrumental, if louder.

    In the case of your recording having to be boosted because it isn't loud enough, it might affect the overall result of the mixing.

    As a result, I recommend doing one of the following:

    • Your singing should be considerably louder than the background music.

    • Or simply record without the song in the background, if possible.

  3. #531472013-04-15 06:56:46Ecstasy said:

    Server-Kun Design Contest is almost over so this thing has a chance to be done if people get a bit more active (?).

  4. #532162013-04-15 23:44:34 *Wolfangle said:

    @Fieyr that feeling that you made a wonderful recording & when you play it over, its sounds horrible..still submitted tho :'3 im gonna kill n1xx with the sound of my audition

    i also havent really uploaded it yet D: still have to do mp4 to mp3 & make it into a download link to give to n1xx

  5. #532292013-04-16 02:38:58Fieyr said:

    @Wolfangle Ah yes, I know that feeling well. My plan is to play it over and over again during my drive into work tomorrow as well as on the way home. I'm looking forward to singing "I'm a little wolf inside a girl" as I stare at businessmen in their cars while sitting in traffic. Good times...

  6. #532502013-04-16 13:01:03Project said:

    Hello (´∀`)/ Noodle told me about this thread and it sounded so much fun! I know I'm not on the Participating-list, but I recorded (http://www.mediafire.com/?x9uvxxrclawausa) if you have room for me, I would love to be in it (;≧▽≦) I probably pronounce some word wrong because English is my second language, sorry! The song is very beautfiul, today was the first time I hear it. Go go go!

  7. #532972013-04-17 07:45:53 *n1xx said:

    Greetings to all!

    I would like to inform you that it is the last day to submit recordings for this chorus project!

    If ever you expect being a few hours late with your submission, please inform us as soon as possible, in order to know if we need to wait before beginning the mixing. An approximation time would also be appreciated, in that case.

    The following is the list of registered singers. (Those designated in @ + bold have yet to send in their voice clips.)

    If your recording was sent to another user, please inform me soon so that I know who to contact. I thank you all for your help and participation!

  8. #534192013-04-18 03:24:40n1xx said:

    The list above has been updated with the latest project information!

    To those who unfortunately cannot participate, do not worry, more chorus projects are to come, so you'll have plenty of chances to join in!