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  1. Hataraku Maou-sama!

    #524242013-04-07 03:35:47 *SENsei said:

    This show is gold. Demon Lord comes to Earth, has no applicable skills, starts working in fast food. That is literally it, and it's amazing.


    Demon almost succeeds in conquering the world but is then defeated by the Hero and is sent to modern day Tokyo. Having no skills to survive in such a world, his adventure to live begins.

    See? Told you that was literally it.

    ANN Page

    Manga adaption

    High School spin-off manga

  2. #524292013-04-07 05:14:38 *Warlock said:

    I love how he works at MgRonalds and is excited for a pay raise. HOW LOW THE DEMON LORD HAS FALLEN!

    @SENsei: That was the best 21 seconds in the entire episode. That natural gift for tongues yo. When he was talking to Alsiel... I couldn't stop laughing.

  3. #524302013-04-07 05:19:42DarkChaplain said:

    Gonna watch the first episode tomorrow, I think, so I'm glad it won't be a time-waster.

    Still, sen, would you mind expanding your opening post and tags a bit more in one way or another? Some animulist link and stuff like that maybe.

    You know how it is, people will bitch about favoritism otherwise.
  4. #524342013-04-07 05:52:34SENsei said:

    Added a quote from Manga-Updates, and linked to MU's manga adaption and spin-off manga pages. Because of my self-abiding rule to curse MAL for, like, ever, I couldn't find it in me to link it, so I went with ANN.