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What song gets stuck in your head?

  1. #592822013-06-15 16:24:56Lillith said:

    I just LOVE this song! Its been in my head for quite a while now. This is the song for me and my best friend, we both know it and love it!

  2. #664562013-11-22 06:55:33Rune said:

    I used to be a loser, hanging with my loser friends,

    but the first time that we made out made my neck hair stand on end

    Oh Starla,


    Your kiss is like my heart is spinning donuts

    you're the cheese upon my burger, I'm the mustard on your bun

    And just like the perfect burger, our love's never overdone

    You're the ice cube in my cola, I'm the ketchup on your fries

    And I'll punch the face of any bro, who might say otherwise

    Oh Starla!

    But I knew you'd be my lady

    And I'd be your Muscle Man

  3. #664872013-11-23 12:53:57Yu-i said:

    story of my life. the one direction one. some of friends were singing it class and now that very line is stuck on replay in my head since its the only part i know TT_TT

  4. #665012013-11-23 17:03:16Taro_Tanako said:

    You have this sea shanty stuck in your head? You could record yourself singing this for us DC ;)

    Reminds me of some campfire song we used to sing at scouts that had rude lyrics about goblins or something..

  5. #665492013-11-25 14:49:18johan_5179 said:

    Look who it is! Its Freddie sexiest butt evaar Mercury!

    Radio Ga-Ga by Queen

    More than the song its the video that has been in my head. :3

  6. #679882014-01-05 01:15:19Rune said:

    This is what happens when you go on a road trip and listen to the radio the whole way, you get to listen to this song 1,000,000 times!

  7. #680152014-01-05 21:02:20Kittycat said:

    I refuse to ever listen to this song till the end... and I don't even get why @xLuCiAnT likes this song :S well he did like that one developers song so I guess it's understandable.